5 Things To Do with Cardboard Boxes

Don’t flatten those cardboard boxes for recycling just yet! Think outside the box, and try these five clever ways to use cardboard boxes all around the house.

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An empty cardboard box
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1. Use Cardboard Boxes to Repair a Roof

Lost a shingle in that last thunderstorm? For a quick fix, slip a piece of cardboard into a plastic bag and slide it in the gap under the remaining shingles.

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Long-handled garden tools
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2. Use Cardboard Boxes to Store Tall Garden Tools

Turn three empty liquor cartons into a sectioned storage bin for your long-handled garden tools. Put a topless box on the floor with the dividers left in. Then cut the tops and bottoms off two similar boxes and stack them so the dividers match up. Use duct tape to attach the boxes to each other. Use the bin to store hoes, rakes, and other long-handled garden tools.

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Kitchen countertop
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3. Protect Work Surfaces with Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes can also help prevent wear and tear on work surfaces. Simply flatten a large box (or cut a large flat piece from a box) and use it to protect your kitchen countertop, workbench, table, or desk from ink, paint, glue, or nicks from knives and scissors. Replace (and recycle!) as needed.

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Hammering a nail
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4. Use a Cardboard Box to Protect Your Fingers

Ouch! You just hammered your finger instead of the tiny nail you were trying to drive into the wall. To keep this from happening again, stick the little nail through a small piece of thin cardboard before you do your hammering. Hold the cardboard by an edge, position the nail, and pound it home. When you’re done, use your bruise-free fingers to tear away the cardboard.

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Adding engine oil to a car
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5. Make a Drip Pan From Cardboard Boxes

Prevent an oil leak from soiling your garage floor or driveway by making a drip pan. All you need to do is place a few sheets of corrugated cardboard on a biscuit tray or a shallow baking dish and place the pan under your car’s drip. For better absorption just sprinkle some kitty litter, sawdust or porridge oats into the pan on top of the cardboard. Replace with fresh cardboard as needed.

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