5 Things To Do with Kitty Litter

Think outside the litter box! Here are five clever ways to put kitty litter to work all around the house.

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Kitten in cat litter box
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The origins of kitty litter

American salesman Ed Lowe might have not had the idea for kitty litter if a neighbour hadn’t asked for some sand for her cat’s litter box one day in 1947.

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Woman applying a DIY mud mask
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1. Use kitty litter as a mud mask

Make a deep-cleansing mud mask using kitty litter. (Yes, seriously.) Mix two handfuls of fresh, clumping clay-based kitty litter with enough water to make a thick paste. Smear the paste over your face, let it set for 20 minutes, then rinse clean with water. The clay from cat litter detoxifies your skin by absorbing dirt and oil from the pores. When your friends complement you on your complexion and ask how you did it, just tell them it’s your little secret.

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Smelly shoes
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2. Use cat litter to deodorize sneakers

If your joggers and sneakers reek, fill a couple of old socks with scented, clay-based kitty litter, tie them shut and place them in the sneakers overnight. Repeat if necessary until the sneakers lose their foul odour.

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Fresh cut flower arrangement
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3. Preserve flowers with kitty litter

The fragrance of fresh-cut flowers is such a fleeting thing. Although you can’t save the smell, you can preserve their beauty by drying cut flowers on a bed of clay-based kitty litter in an air-tight container for 7 to 10 days.

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Oil stained driveway
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4. Use cat litter to make grease spots disappear

Get rid of ugly grease and oil spots on your driveway or garage floor by simply covering them with clay-based kitty litter. If the spots are fresh, the litter will soak up most of the oil right away. To remove old stains, pour some paint thinner on the stain before tossing on the cat litter. Wait about 12 hours and then sweep it clean.

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Stack of musty old books
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5. Freshen up old books with cat litter

You can rejuvenate old books that smell musty by sealing them overnight in a container with clean, clay-based cat litter.

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