5 Things To Do with Duct Tape

When you’re at the cottage, there are very few problems that can’t be solved with a roll of duct tape. Here are five clever duct tape hacks that can save your summer vacation.

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The Origins of Duct Tape

Created during World War 2 as a means of waterproofing damaged equipment and ammo containers, duct tape has become an indispensible household tool. Here are five new uses for duct tape that could transform the way you look at this junk drawer staple.

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1. Use Duct Tape as a Bandage

So you’ve gone and scraped your knee while hiking. Here’s how to protect it until you get a proper bandage: Fold tissue paper or a paper towel to cover the wound and cover this makeshift

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2. Use Duct Tape to Catch Pesky Flies

You’ve just checked into your rustic cabin on the lake, only to be welcomed by the sound of buzzing flies. For a quick DIY fix, simply grab a roll of duct tape, peel off a few foot-long strips, and hang them from the cabin rafters as flypaper. Soon you’ll be rid of the bugs, and you can roll up the tape and toss it in the trash.

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3. Use Duct Tape to Repair a Tent

You’re tapping in your tent peg with a rubber mallet, and-Oops!-an errant swing sends it straight through the side of the tent, leaving a gaping hole. No problem-as long as you’ve brought your duct tape along. Cover the hole with a patch; for double protection, mirror the patch inside the tent. You’ll keep insects-and inclement weather-outside, where they belong.

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4. Use Duct Tape to Make Your Footwear Waterproof

Need a waterproof pair of shoes for fishing, gardening or pushing off the canoe into the lake? Cover an old pair of sneakers with duct tape, overlapping the edges of each row. As you round corners, cut little V’s in the edges of the tape so that you can lap the tape smoothly around the contours of the shoe.

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5. Use Duct Tape to Remove Lint on Clothing

You’re all set to leave the cottage, but as you give yourself that final glance in the mirror before walking out the door, you notice your jacket is covered in pet hair. When the roller’s nowhere in sight, grab the duct tape. Wrap your hand with a length of duct tape, sticky side out. Then roll the sticky tape against your clothing in a rocking motion until every last hair has been picked up. (Don’t wipe, since that may affect the nap of the cloth.)

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