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5 More Things To Do with Ice Cubes

Pull that tray out of the freezer: Here are five cool new uses for ice cubes.


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5 Clever Ways to Use Ice Cubes

Everybody knows ice cubes are great for keeping cold beverages frosty, but there are so many other ways you could be using them. Take a look at these brilliant new ways to put ice cubes to work around the home.

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1. Use Ice Cubes to Mask the Taste of Medicine

No matter what flavour your local pharmacist offers in children’s medicine, kids can still turn up their noses at the taste. Have them suck on an ice cube before taking the medicine. This numbs the taste buds and allows the medicine to go down-without the spoonful of sugar.

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2. Add an Ice Cube When Reheating Rice

Does your leftover rice dry out when you reheat it in the microwave? Try this: Put an ice cube on top of the rice in a microwave-safe dish. The ice cube will melt as the rice warms up, giving the grains some much-needed moisture.

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3. Use Ice Cubes to Cool Water for Pets

Imagine what it’s like to wear a fur coat in the middle of summer. Your rabbits, hamsters and gerbils will appreciate your thoughtfulness if you place a few cubes in their water dish to cool down. This is also a good tip for your cat, who’s spent the hot morning lounging on your bed, or your dog, who’s just had a long romp in the park.

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4. Use Ice Cubes to De-fat Soup and Stew

Want to remove fat from your homemade soup or stew as quickly as possible? Fill a metal ladle with ice cubes and skim the bottom of the ladle over the top of the liquid in the soup pot. Fat will collect on the ladle.

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5. Apply an Ice Cube Before Removing a Splinter

Parental Challenge #573: removing a splinter from the hand of a screaming, squirming toddler. Before you start jabbing with that needle, grab an ice cube and numb the area. This should make the ordeal less painful (for both parties).

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