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There’s no place like home—especially when it’s in tip-top shape. We’ve rounded up the best cleaning and organizing tricks, affordable decor ideas, DIY hacks, and more. Warning: Once you’ve got everything just the way you want it, you may never want to leave!

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15 Everyday Items Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat

These surfaces have more germs than the average toilet seat, and you’ve likely already touched at least one of them...

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What You Need to Know About Smartphone Security

These days, your smartphone is more than just a way to call or text people—it serves as an external backup...

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Guide to Antimicrobial Home Hardware and Housewares

A wide range of antimicrobial home hardware and housewares may make the high-touch surfaces in your home safer from bacteria...

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18 Kitchen Organizing Mistakes Everyone Makes

These common setups are a recipe for disaster. Cook up a better system for a clean, productive kitchen.

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28 Spots to Never, Ever Skip When Spring Cleaning

Washing windows and scheduling a carpet cleaning may be a good start to spring cleaning, but your home isn't white-glove...

6 Ways to Outsmart Porch Pirates

Shopping online? Here's how to stop the thieves who are out to plunder the packages left at your front door.

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How to Clean Absolutely Everything in Your Kitchen, According to Charles the Butler

In this excerpt from his new book, Charles MacPherson—best known as "Charles the Butler" on CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show—shares...

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11 Lucky Things to Always Keep in Your Home

Boost your chances for good energy and prosperity while warding off evil spirits by placing these simple items in your...

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10 Things People With Organized Garages Have in Common

We all know a neighbour or friend with a super-organized garage. Turns out people with tidy garages know these storage...

47 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to Start Using Today

Spend less time on email—and save your wrists, too—with these helpful Gmail shortcuts you’ll wish you knew sooner.

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8 Creepy Things Your Smartphone Knows About You

With codes, passwords and location tracking, smartphones collect hoards of data on users. Here’s what you should know about everything...

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12 Genius Cooking Spray Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

If you're only using cooking spray to prevent your baked goods from sticking to the pan, you're only tapping a...

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20+ Subtle Ways Your House Might Be Making You Sick

From off-gassing rugs to harsh chemical cleaners, your home could be harbouring a number of potential toxins. Find out how...

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Sarah Richardson’s Best Budget-Friendly Decorating Fixes

Canadian HGTV star Sarah Richardson shares seven tips to stretch your decorating dollar from her bestselling book,

10 Cleaning Myths You Need to Stop Believing—and What to Do Instead

Sometimes you can't beat old-school advice. These traditional cleaning tips, on the other hand, deserve be relegated to the past.

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Bryan Baeumler’s Best Kitchen Renovation Advice

Considering a kitchen renovation? Don't swing a sledgehammer until you've consulted HGTV star Bryan Baeumler's rules for a (relatively) painless...

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11 Home Security Mistakes That Put You at Risk

Address home security sooner than later.

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12 Password Mistakes That Hackers Hope You’ll Make

Passwords are supposed to keep us safe, but they can be an open door for hackers to attack our finances...

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14 Things You Should Never Do When Using Public Wi-Fi

We've all grown used to being able to connect with the rest of the world at just the touch of...

9 Microwave Problems You’ll Regret Ignoring

Unless you want to damage your microwave beyond repair or start a fire in your home, take care of these...

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13 Things You’re Doing to Your Home That Real Estate Agents Wouldn’t

If you want to sell your home, think twice before doing any of these things.

7 Times You Shouldn’t Use a Debit Card for Payment

Hint: It could put your bank account at greater risk.

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13 Handy Colander Uses You’ve Never Thought of Before

If you're only using your colander to drain pasta, you're tapping just a fraction of its potential.

What to Know About Signal, the Private Messaging App Even Cybersecurity Experts Use

Signal private messenger app is a favourite of government officials, tech giants, and cyber experts. Find out why.

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40 iPhone Tricks That Will Make Things So Much Easier

Want to help a friend find her missing phone? Need an activity tracker, tape measure, or magnifying glass? Look no...

iPhone Privacy Settings You Should Check Right Now

You may think you have nothing to hide but you should still be vigilant about your iPhone privacy settings. Here's...

23 PC Keyboard Shortcuts: A Cheat Sheet

Once you know these Windows keyboard shortcuts, you'll be able to get all of your tasks done in a snap.