19 Easy Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Any Home

Modern farmhouse style has made a major impact on the decorating scene lately, and for good reason. Light and airy, this decor style brings the feeling of simpler times, a cool breeze through the fields and sweet tea on the porch. The good news is, you don't have to be rural to get this comfortable look. Here's how to incorporate that farmhouse feeling, no matter where you live.

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Apron Sink
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Farmhouse Look: Apron Sink

Traditionally a utilitarian fixture, a deep farmhouse sink and goose neck faucet can instantly create casual elegance in any kitchen. This farmhouse style looks incredible, with soft white cabinets to finish off the looks. A single apron sink also looks fantastic in a laundry room, and it’s functional too!

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Neutral Palette
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Farmhouse Look: Neutral Palette

Once thought of as boring, a neutral paint palette is a staple of farmhouse elegance because it makes rooms feel large yet cozy, and it puts the emphasis on the furnishings rather than on a bold feature paint colour. To perfectly exemplify this style, stick to neutrals with very subtle undertones, such as blue and gray, as well as a soft pastel palette.

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Barn Board
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Farmhouse Look: Barn Board

There is little that needs to be done to raw wood to make it appealing as a statement piece, and it’s easy to get the antique look with new wood. Ready-to-hand wall sheathing kits are available to create the rustic wood look, and they are lightweight and easy to cut and position, making them the perfect one-person project. With a little stain, a hammer and a nail, you can also distress virtually any piece of soft pine to get that perfect time-worn look. Barn board also makes perfect shelving and mantelpiece materials, which can be used anywhere to add character.

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White Sliding Barn Doors
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Farmhouse Look: Sliding Barn Doors

A cinch to hang and even more fun to use, sliding barn doors are all the rage. From rustic to industrial to sleek and modern, barn door hardware comes in a myriad of styles and colours to suit any decor. For a casual farmhouse vibe, stick to hardware with an aged bronze patina and pair with a milky-white door.

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Kitchen Shiplap
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Farmhouse Look: Shiplap

Whether you call it panelling, shiplap, tongue and groove or plank, this trend is hot and here to stay. Because it is light, easy to maintain and adds character all by itself, shiplap is a key component of farmhouse style. The best thing about this casual style is that it can be used anywhere from kitchens to stairwells and never look out of place.

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Open Shelving
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Farmhouse Look: Open Shelving

Since farmhouse style is all about easy living, open shelves provide stylish and easy access to everything you need within your home. Repurpose an antique hutch as an open shelf for laundry supplies. For an even edgier look, pair a length of barn board with galvanized steel plumbing parts (painted black, of course) to create open shelving worthy of praise.

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Kitchen Lanterns
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Farmhouse Look: Lanterns

Beyond hanging lanterns in a substantial-enough size to make a statement, there really is no wrong way to use lanterns in your decorating. Whether you buy new or paint a garage-sale find, you’ll be hard-pressed to complete the farmhouse look without one. Perfect for the front porch, foyer or kitchen, lanterns are the be-all-end-all of casual farmhouse elegance.

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Eclectic Signs
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Farmhouse Look: Eclectic Signs

Successful farmhouse style is all about incorporating simple, farm-fresh living. One great way to do that is through wall signs that remind visitors of your home to slow down and appreciate the simple life. Find or create your own signs that represent farm markets, fresh flowers and time well spent.

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White Beams
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Farmhouse Look: Beams

Exposed beams bring to mind the days of hand tools and fine craftsmanship, and can look right at home even in newer homes.

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Natural Rug
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Farmhouse Look: Natural Rugs

The key to farmhouse design is bringing natural elements into the home. Rugs in jute, sisal or wool are the perfect accompaniment to easy living, which add comfort while sticking to a muted statement. Another great rug option is a braided rug in soft colours.

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Clawfoot tub
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Farmhouse Look: Clawfoot Tub

With its substantial style and raised design, a claw-foot tub is the epitome of relaxed farmhouse style. Either on its own as a freestanding tub, or with a ceiling-mounted curtain surround, this deep tub is as versatile as they come. Place an antique chair or stool next to the tub to hold toiletries or a basket of towels for an enhanced effect.

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Harvest Table
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Farmhouse Look: Harvest Table

The essence of farmhouse style is a home that is functional and welcoming while still being relaxed. When it comes to dining, natural wood grain, wormholes and dents are all welcome aspects of a farmhouse table, where families can gather for a feast. For a modern farmhouse feel, paint the legs of an antique table with a muted paint and refinish the top with a natural stain and let the beauty of time-worn wood do the talking. Mix and match antique chairs and dishes in complementary colours to complete the look. Bonus points for an old church pew or rustic workbench on one side.

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Farmhouse Look: Slipcovers

Everyone loves the designer look of a white sofa, but the reality of keeping it looking great can be one tough cleaning job. The solution? Why slipcovers, of course! A slipcovered sofa doesn’t fret over spilled milk because removing and cleaning it is a breeze! For an accessorizing home run, add some pillows in a mix of floral, solid and stripe in similar colours to add instant charm.

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salvage wooden porch beams
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Farmhouse Look: Salvage Finds

Great farmhouse style is all about adding the unexpected through standalone pieces that make a statement. From industrial finds to architectural salvage like porch supports and wood shutters, your only limits to great style is your imagination. Any easy way to add salvage to a newer home is to add an antique front door to an interior doorway in your home. Any glass will let light travel easily through and unexpected details like mail slots or house numbers make a great conversation piece.

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Statement Art
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Farmhouse Look: Statement Art

When it comes to farmhouse art, go big or go home. A solitary statement piece that recalls farm life, from animals to old farm equipment can be hung in numerous ways to provide impact. An antique church bench makes a great hallway statement and a perfect place to put on shoes before heading out the door. Large clocks, mirrors and antique window frames make perfect additions to this easy style.

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Mixed Metals Kitchen
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Farmhouse Look: Mixed Metals

Metal and wood are a great farmhouse combination that is a winner every time and is easy to incorporate. From galvanized steel buckets to tin lettering, metals are a fun way to give your farmhouse vibe some edge. As a backsplash, PVC tin-look tiles (pictured) are a simple, glue-up solution to cover a dated tile backsplash.

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Paint furniture
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Farmhouse Look: Painted Furniture

Paint can be a furniture game changer. Search garage sales and thrift stores for easy pieces to distress, and in as little as one afternoon you can have a conversation piece that looks like it’s a family heirloom. Chalk paint can provide the perfect look and is very forgiving, making it the perfect product for a beginner. All you need to transform any piece of furniture from drab to fab is paint, brushes, a clean cloth, distressing wax, and sandpaper. The rest is all about experimenting and having fun.

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greenery plant
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Farmhouse Look: Greenery

Green on white is the perfect farmhouse colour combination that is equal parts fresh and relaxing. You can incorporate greenery in many different ways. Fresh cut boughs in a steel bucket make an excellent table centrepiece, and dried boxwood, magnolia, and eucalyptus make wonderful hanging wreaths. Attach a wreath to an old window or picture frame backed with chicken wire or lace fabric to perfect this look. Even better are homegrown herbs on a sunny windowsill, which are beautiful and practical.

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Front Porch rocking chairs
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Farmhouse Look: Front Porch Sitting

Even if you don’t have a wraparound porch, you can still get the same feeling that makes you want to curl up with a good book or watch the world go by. Add a small table for drinks and a porch trellis for privacy, and you’ll have yourself the perfect outdoor hideaway that oozes casual elegance.

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