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Bathroom Design Fails That’ll Make You Do a Double Take

While creative, these DIY bathroom projects are hysterically horrible.

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Overhead-tub-spout-1Structure Tech

Ceiling Tub Spout

The bare-all window isn’t even the strangest part of this bathroom arrangement. Yup. The whirlpool tub fills from overhead.

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Backwards-Toilet-TankStructure Tech

Backward Toilet Tank

How in the world can a tank get put on backwards? They could’ve avoided this entirely if they’d known how to spot the signs of a bad contractor.

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toilet paper holder in cabinetStructure Tech

Innovation Out of Necessity

… Or this homeowner could’ve just mounted the toilet paper holder on the wall.

Here are 12 home renovations you’re likely to regret later.

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showerhead attached to tub faucetStructure Tech

Showerhead Tub Faucet

Not sure this style of tub faucet will increase a home’s resale value. Also, looks like they could use some of these bathroom cleaning tips and tricks.

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sink on top of toiletStructure Tech

There’s Enough Room for a Sink…Really

Genius! With this setup, you can wash your hands and your feet at the same time!

A cramped space like this requires a certain amount of planning. Luckily, these small bathroom ideas can help.

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toilet in the kitchenStructure Tech

No Words…

It’s probably just sitting there, right? Like, there’s no way that’s plumbed in… Either way, it looks like these folks could benefit from Bryan Baeumler’s kitchen reno tips.

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Cool-shower with all angle shower heads shower car washCourtesy of Structure Tech

Waterpark Shower

I don’t think this shower would meet the new low-flow requirements. But it sure makes a nice set of grab bars.

Discover the secrets contractors wish you knew.

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bathroom fan smaller than openingStructure Tech

Bath Fan Faux Pas

Proof that you should always measure twice, cut once. But really, it would’ve saved this homeowner tons of time.

Considering a complete home makeover? Check out these brilliant tips from Brian Gluckstein, Canada’s most in-demand interior designer.

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Jamie-Hyneman-Toilet-1Structure Tech

Replacement Toilet Tank Lid

Expecting the toilet to grow sideways, Tom planned ahead. Installing a new toilet was far too much work.

Psst—making this mistake with a clogged toilet could make things worse.

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Low-ShowerStructure Tech

That Shower Might Be a Little Low…

After mom and dad moved out, the toddlers decided to make the bathroom more user-friendly. But when they grow up they’re gonna have to install a new shower…

Here are eight more decorating mistakes you should avoid at all costs!

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Lone-ToiletStructure Tech

A Porcelain Throne for the Uninhibited

So much for the one place a guy can be left alone! Delores wanted to make sure that she could give Ron additions to his to-do list at all times. Time to plan out some bathroom walls!

Check out these mysterious old home features that just aren’t useful anymore.

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Corner-Toilet wall cutout fixStructure Tech

Which problem-solver would you choose?

There are always options when it comes to buying a toilet. Some better than others.

On a tight budget? Here are 17 brilliant home improvement ideas under $200!

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Duct-tape-wall bathroomStructure Tech

Duct Tape and Tile Combination

It isn’t what most interior designers would recommend, but…

This tile was undoubtedly installed over greenboard instead of cement board and is completely falling apart. Regrouting isn’t an option.

Check out the 13 things home inspectors secretly want to tell you.

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Bathroom fan inside showerStructure Tech

Bath Fan in Shower Stall

Well, let’s hope this bath fan is efficient. It’s certainly going to get its fair share of steam.

Make sure you never try to DIY these home improvement projects.

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Old-toilet-2Structure Tech

Stick Shift Toilet

So, I sit backwards, project my video game on the tank, and use the flusher as a joystick. Might be time to replace this old beauty…

Here are seven questions you need to ask before you renovate your home.

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toilet paper holder behind doorStructure Tech

Toilet Paper Door Stop

Just keep the toilet paper stocked and this homeowner has a double-duty fixture!

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Blocked-Outlet behind toiletStructure Tech

Outlet Placement That’s a Little Less Than Ideal

Although if you’re planning on spending a lot of time sitting there on your phone, you could always try connecting your charger.

You can’t help but laugh at these hilarious electrical fails!

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tub inside shower enclosureStructure Tech

Tub Inside Shower

You never know when you’ll walk to take a shower after your soak.

Now that you know what *not* to do, check out these DIY projects that add value to your home.

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