10 Ways You Can Help Save the Earth With Mason Jars

Want to slash your consumption of single use plastics? These clever new uses for Mason jars are a great way to "green up" your act.

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Uses for Mason jars - Mason jar bird feeder
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Build a Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle? The humble Mason jar is one of the most versatile items in your kitchen cupboards, and can be put to work all around the house—and even outdoors. With the help of a special attachment that screws onto the neck of the jar which you can order here, you can use a Mason jar as a bird feeder. Simply hang the feeder from a tree or a plant hook, and watch your new feathered friends flock to your yard. Here are four more ways to attract birds to your garden.

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HH Handy Hint DIY dish scrubber mason jar
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Make a DIY Mason Jar Dish Scrubber

If you’re all about ease and convenience when it comes to washing the dishes, check out this DIY Mason jar dish scrubber. (It even has a soap-dispensing handle!) To make your own, start by punching a few nail holes in the jar’s lid. Trace the lid onto a sponge and cut it out. Hot glue the sponge to the inner rim of the screw-on part of the lid. Fill the jar with soap, screw on the sponge and you’re set! Check out 25 more brilliant cleaning tips that actually work.

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Grow Your Herb Garden in Mason Jars

Can’t wait for the spring thaw to get gardening? Why not start your herb garden indoors with the help of a few Mason jars? Check out more inspiring indoor gardening ideas from landscaping expert, Carson Arthur.

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Uses for Mason jars - store bulk goods
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Use Mason Jars to Store Bulk Goods

Mason jars are a staple at farmers’ markets and for good reasons. Farmers have used them for generations and they eliminate the need for single-use plastics. So much food at grocery stores comes in plastic containers and Mason jars provide a more sustainable means of storage and transportation.

Surprise! These everyday items take the longest to decompose.

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Mason Jar meal
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Use Mason Jars For Single Serving Meals

Mason jars are great for creating single-serving meals. Toss in all the ingredients for a leafy green or pasta salad, and you’re good to go. You can also mix granola and yogurt together for a healthy on-the-go snack. The best part? By packing your lunch or snack in a washable Mason jar, you’re eliminating waste. Find out nine more clever ways you can cut down on waste.

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Mason Jar leftover food
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Store Leftovers in Mason Jars

Storing leftovers in an array of containers often turns out to be a game of peek-a-boo when you’re searching for something to eat. But if you store leftovers in a clear glass Mason jar, you can make a decision quicker and know if it’s time to throw something out. Here’s why you should never wrap your leftovers in aluminum foil.

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Mason Jar canning
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Use Mason Jars for Canning

Canning is a time-honoured tradition for many, and it’s still an important activity to help prevent food waste. In fact, according to Second Harvest, and agency that works to reduce food waste, an astonishing 58 per cent of all food produced in Canada is lost or wasted. Don’t miss these 10 genius ways to use up leftovers.

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Mason Jar drinks
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Serve Drinks in Mason Jars

Mason jars are perfect for serving up a tart lemonade on a hot summer day or a horseradish-heavy Caesar for Sunday brunch. Check out these easy summer cocktail recipes.

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Mason Jar lotion
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Create a DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

In a perfect world there wouldn’t be so many plastic bottles for soaps and lotions. Here’s a DIY tutorial that will show you how to turn ordinary Mason jars into soap and lotion dispensers. This way, you can buy your liquid soap and moisturizer in bulk, and simply refill the Mason jars as necessary. Check out 100 more home improvement hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

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Bee Feeder
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Use Mason Jars as Bee Feeders

If there was ever a time that honeybees needed our help, it’s now. Do your part to ensure a healthy population of our pollinating partners by building a bee feeder from a Mason jar, and be sure to grow these bee-friendly plants in your yard. Find out six more things you can do right now to help save the bees.

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