Cleaning and Organizing

Keeping your home germ-free is more important than ever—but that doesn’t mean you want to spend all your time cleaning. Here, you’ll find cleaning strategies that will save you time, money and effort, and genius home organizing tips to make the most of every square foot of space.

25 Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

These crazy cleaning tips won't seem so crazy after you try them.

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9 Places You’re Not Vacuuming—But Should Be

There are plenty of places in your home you see every day but never notice how much dust is accumulating....

Follow These Simple Steps to Prevent a Ladybug Infestation

With their cheery red shells and perky black polka dots, ladybugs often show up as Halloween costumes and themed party...

The 10 Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Pet Odour

P-U! Sometimes your beloved cat or dog really stinks up the house. Pet odours linger and reek worse than your...

How to Organize Your Kitchen Like Marie Kondo: 10 Steps to a Tidier, More Efficient Kitchen

If you've seen an episode of the hit series Tidying Up, you already know the KonMarie method can bring order...

How to Clean Vinyl Floors: 11 Tricks You Need to Know

Vinyl is a great option for durable, inexpensive flooring. Learn how to clean vinyl floors and protect them from dents...

The Best Way to Clean Any Water Bottle

Has your beloved water bottle gotten a little funky? Here's how to get rid of the gunk while keeping the...

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10 Marie Kondo Organization Tips That Will Change Your Life in Minutes

Do you really need all that stuff? This advice from the Organizing Queen will help you decide what stays and...

This Is How Often You Should Clean Your Bathtub

If not, there could be some serious consequences.

Here’s How to Fold Clothes Exactly Like Marie Kondo

Organizing guru Marie Kondo reveals the absolutely most space-efficient way to fold your pants, socks, and underwear.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wash Dishes By Hand

Good news for everyone who hates to wash dishes by hand: it's time to put down the sponge and use...

15 Things You Can Clean with a Lint Roller—Besides Clothes

If you're only using lint rollers to clean your clothes, you're missing out on a host of other household benefits....

The Little-Known Trick to Cleaning Your Oven Without Scrubbing

With this witty life hack, you'll never have to scrub again. Here's how to clean your oven without the elbow...

Does Your Kitchen Sponge Smell? Here’s How to Clean It

If your kitchen sponge is starting to smell, it's likely harbouring a hefty amount of bacteria. Here's how to proper...

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs—just the thought of them makes you itchy, doesn't it?

5 Myths About House Fires You Probably Believe

In a fire, do you have minutes or seconds to escape? What's more dangerous: flames or smoke? Separating fire myths...

16 Traditional Cleaning Tricks That Don’t Actually Work

Cleaning experts are calling the bluff on these popular cleaning "hacks."

12 Brilliant DIY Cleaning Products for Every Room in the House

Ditch the pricey store-bought cleaning products and stick with these all-natural solutions from the book Homemade: 707 Products to Make...

11 Pests That Could Be Hiding in Your Attic

Perhaps it's the fluffy tail or their crazy shenanigans, but squirrels are kind of cute when they're scampering in the...

How to Get Rid of Sweat Stains: 11 Easy Solutions

You probably have these DIY sweat stain solutions in your home right now.

20 Things You Should Be Cleaning with a Toothbrush

Most of us clean using sponges, cloths, dusters, vacuums, etc. but sometimes your most effective tool is sitting right in...

9 Fast Tricks to Clean Your House While You Sleep

Some chores can take care of themselves while you snooze.

Who Knew? 7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

This season, "cleaning" is about more than just tidying up your house.

8 Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Make Life Easier

Ready to give your home a top-to-bottom buffing? Once you've covered these major tasks, you'll have your home spring-cleaned in...

Spring Closet Cleaning: 14 Ideas From Professional Organizers

Experts share their best insider tips to get your closet in shape for spring.

16 Genius Cleaning Hacks You’ll Want to Steal from Professional House Cleaners

You'll have your house spick-and-span in no time by following these tips.

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10 Most Common Causes of House Fires in Canada

The chief causes of house fires are clear—and so are the ways to avoid them. Here's what you need to...

How to Declutter Your Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Living With Less

Are you a borderline hoarder? Maybe it's time to minimalize! Canada's top organizing experts share helpful hints on how to...

9 Things You’re Better Off Tossing and Replacing When You Move

Packing is hard enough. Lighten your load by ditching these nine items for a fresh start in your new home.