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What to Eat for a Happy Belly

More than half of Canadians suffer from digestive disorders. Here’s what to indulge in and what to avoid.

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Condition: ConstipationPhoto: Thinkstock

Condition: Constipation

Red light foods: Dairy, refined carbo­hydrates (e.g. wheat, corn, sugar, soda), fried and rich foods (e.g. fries, chips, pastries, chocolate)

Green light foods: Prunes, kiwis, apples, pears, spices (e.g. ginger, cumin, turmeric), fish oil, sesame oil 

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Condition: Diarrhea

Condition: Diarrhea

Red light foods: Fried foods, high-fibre foods (e.g. bran, cabbage, citrus), sugar alcohols (e.g. artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol)

Green light foods: Green tea, probiotics, fermented vegetables, cinnamon, chicken- or beef- bone broths

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Condition: Heartburn

Condition: Heartburn

Red light foods: Spicy and greasy foods, coffee, soda

Green light foods: Green Licorice, aloe vera 

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Condition: Ulcers

Condition: Ulcers

Red light foods: Alcohol, coffee

Green light foods: Cranberry juice, cooked apples, lentils, beans, honey, cabbage juice 

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Condition: Gas/Bloating

Condition: Gas/Bloating

Red light foods: Soda, beer, beans, greasy foods, high-fibre vegetable

Green light foods: Honey, anise, fennel bulbs, peppermint