A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Fresh Summer Produce

Discover a week's worth of delicious dinner recipes that make the most of in-season asparagus, strawberries and tomatoes.

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Day 1: Teriyaki Shish Kabobs

“When I was a teenager, my father worked for an airline, and my family lived on the island of Guam in the South Pacific. A friend of my mother gave her this tangy-sweet recipe, and we enjoyed it often. Now I make it for my family, and they’re big fans as well.” —Suzanne Pelegrin, Ocala, Florida

Get the recipe for Teriyaki Shish Kabobs.

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Day 2: Barbecued Strawberry Chicken

“When it’s time to impress family and friends, we serve barbecued chicken garnished with strawberries. It’s easier than anyone would ever guess.” —Bonnie Hawkins, Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Get the recipe for Barbecued Strawberry Chicken.

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Day 3: Veggie Nicoise Salad

“More and more people in my workplace are becoming vegetarians. When we cook or eat together, the focus is on fresh produce. This salad combines some of our favourite ingredients in one dish…and with the hard-boiled eggs and kidney beans, it delivers enough protein to satisfy those who are skeptical of vegetarian fare.” —Elizabeth Kelley, Chicago, Illinois

Get the recipe for Veggie Nicoise Salad.

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Day 4: Chicken Cucumber Pitas

“I wanted a good recipe for pitas. Seeing the large stack of garden-fresh cucumbers on my counter, I decided to improvise and create my own filling. It was a huge hit.” —Sheena Wellard, Nampa, Idaho

Get the recipe for Chicken Cucumber Pitas.

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Day 5: Sheet-Pan Chipotle-Lime Shrimp Bake

“I like to make this seafood dinner for company because it tastes amazing but takes very little effort to throw together. Use asparagus, broccolini or a mix of the two. It’s all about what’s available for a decent price.” —Colleen Delawder, Herndon, Virginia

Get the recipe for Sheet-Pan Chipotle-Lime Shrimp Bake.

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Day 6: Feta Chicken Burgers

“My friends always request these tasty chicken burgers. I sometimes add olives to punch up the flavour! The burgers are exceptional with the mayonnaise-cucumber topping.” —Angela Robinson, Findlay, Ohio

Get the recipe for Feta Chicken Burgers.

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Day 7: Garlic-Grilled Chicken with Pesto Zucchini Ribbons

“The first time I substituted zucchini noodles for regular pasta, it was because I was trying to reduce carbohydrates and calories. Now I make them because we love the flavour and texture they bring to dishes. This dish is just as delicious if you substitute shrimp for the chicken.” —Suzanne Banfield, Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Get the recipe for Garlic-Grilled Chicken with Pesto Zucchini Ribbons.

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