This Woman’s Legendary Fudge Recipe Was Engraved on Her Tombstone

The recipe for "Kay's Fudge" will never be forgotten.

You can find all kinds of ways to share treasured family recipes. These not-so-secret recipes live on in church cookbooks, scrawled on index cards or, these days, typed carefully into an online collection. But Kay Andrews’ beloved fudge recipe is carved on her headstone in Logan Cemetery in Logan, Utah, a surprising sweet treat for all cemetery visitors.

The Story Behind the Fudge Recipe

Kay—a mom of five, grandma of 15 and great-grandma of 37—died at age 97 in 2019. Not that many of us think ahead and design our own tombstone before we pass, but she was an exception.

Her husband, Wade, died in 2000, and their shared headstone celebrates things that were important to them, reports. One side of the stone shows a horse, B-24 bomber, professor’s cap and other important memories from Wade’s life. But Kay wanted something different carved on the stone to mark her own experiences.

“You know what I want? I want my fudge recipe on there,” Kay said, according to her son Steve Andrews.

Kay was known for sharing her famous fudge with family and friends, so the recipe was a natural choice to represent her on the stone.

Steve told KSL that the gravestone became so popular, people began to refer to that part of the cemetery as “Kay’s Fudge.” Another of her sons would take her to the cemetery, and introduce Kay to the workers there, explaining the story behind the recipe.

“She got a kick out of the fact that people were enjoying her fudge,” Steve said. This warms our hearts—and makes us want to whip up the recipes passed down from our mothers.

Kay's Fudge Recipe - Homemade Fudge FoodPhoto: Shutterstock

How to Make Kay’s Fudge

The recipe is simple and straightforward—no room for fancy ruminating when you’re engraving words in stone! Briefly, the recipe as presented on the headstone had a typo—calling for a tablespoon of vanilla instead of a teaspoon—but that’s been fixed.

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