These Easy Valentine’s Day Desserts Can Be Thrown Together in a Heartbeat

Satisfy your sweet tooth without making another trip to the grocery store: You'll only need two ingredients for each of these recipes!

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Strawberry Frosting Fudge

Perfectly pink and showered with heart sprinkles, this strawberry frosting fudge recipe is sure to win over your sweetie’s heart. Plus, you don’t even need to turn on the stove to make it! This entire recipe can be made right in your microwave.

Get the recipe for Strawberry Frosting Fudge.

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Raspberry Heart Truffles

Finally, a Valentine’s Day chocolate that is completely guilt-free. Made of only raspberries and dark chocolate, you know these raspberry truffles would make the perfect addition to your homemade chocolate box. Make sure to snag a heart-shaped mould before crafting up these truffles. Or you can roll out 2 tablespoons of the chocolate-raspberry mixture into balls for a classic truffle shape.

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Chocolate Mousse

You don’t need a long list of fancy ingredients or extra time to make a rich and elegant chocolate mousse. Get creative and add a dusting of cocoa powder, chocolate shavings or fresh fruits on top.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Mousse.

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Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

When you’re in a time crunch, turn to these strawberry cookies. Use the time you would be prepping the dough to wrap up that special someone’s V-Day gift.

Get the recipe for Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies.

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Cheesecake Fruit Dip

Don’t have time to whip up a Valentine’s Day cheesecake? This fluffy, light cheesecake fruit dip is the next best thing. Pair it with strawberries, graham crackers or pretzel sticks.

Get the recipe for Cheesecake Fruit Dip.

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Nutella Mug Cake

Treat that special someone (or yourself!) this Valentine’s Day with this mug cake recipe. All you need is an egg and a little bit of Nutella for a decadent treat for one. It’s even gluten-free!

Get the recipe for Nutella Mug Cake.

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Strawberry Heart Brownies

Dress up your favourite brownie recipe for Valentine’s Day! Adding heart-shaped strawberries gives them festive flair. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Get the recipe for Strawberry Heart Brownies.

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White Chocolate Mousse

Don’t fuss over a water bath. Make this dreamy, creamy white chocolate mousse using only your microwave, hand mixer and spatula. It’s a nice change of pace from traditional chocolate mousse recipes.

Get the recipe for White Chocolate Mousse.

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Cinnamon Cherry Cobbler

“It’s not a misprint—there really are just two ingredients in this spiced cherry dessert. It’s a good brunch for sweet-lovers, too.” —Terri Robinson, Muncie, Indiana

Get the recipe for Cinnamon Cherry Cobbler.

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Chocolate Fondue

Fondue and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. After enjoying a round of cheese fondue, end the night on a sweet note with this easy chocolate fondue recipe. Drizzle, dip and dunk your favourite chocolate fondue pairings (we’re suckers for fresh fruit, Nilla Wafers, and angel food cake).

Get the recipe for Chocolate Fondue.

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Heart-Shaped Cherry Pie Bars

We have heart eyes over this bite-sized, heart-shaped dessert! These mini cherry pies are the perfect homemade gift.

Get the recipe for Heart-Shaped Cherry Pie Bars.

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Chocolate-Covered Pomegranate Seeds

“I dunk pomegranate seeds in chocolate to get these easy little treats friends and family love.” —Jim Javorsky, Havre de Grace, Maryland

Get the recipe for Chocolate-Covered Pomegranate Seeds.

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