Frozen Honey Is the Sweetest Trend Taking Over Right Now

It's all about frozen honey pops right now!

We love a sweet, frozen treat during the dog days of summer. Some of us prefer homemade popsicles while others like something with a little chocolate (like these super simple Oreo pops). Don’t forget about the frozen Jell-O grapes, either! There’s no shortage of refreshing treats to enjoy.

Well, leave it to TikTok to show us yet another trend that we didn’t know we desperately needed. Yup, this one’s a definite yes from me—it’s frozen honey! Super sweet and super simple, you’ll be making this summer treat until the leaves start to fall.

How to Make Frozen Honey

This recipe is from a video by TikTok user @lalaleluu, although I don’t even know if you could even consider it a recipe. It’s more like a single instruction! There’s no need to go out and find a special kind of honey for this trend, so feel free to use whatever type of honey you have available.

Then, all you need to do is throw the bottle in the freezer for 24 hours. You can keep it in its original bottle, or you can put it in a separate container.


What does everyone else do with their frozen honey ? I feel like in a few months everyone is gonna realize that they still have honey in their freezer

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The end result should be frozen honey: a jelly-like substance in the bottle that you simply need to squeeze out and enjoy! Use it to cool down a mug of green tea while you sit out in the bright sunshine. Or, you know, just turn your bubble tea into a jelly-like popsicle, like TikTok user @eloisefouladgar did right after trying out this trend.

What Is Honey Good For?

Honey has a ton of health benefits, such as improving cholesterol and suppressing coughs. This is one frozen treat that’s actually good for you!

Not only that, you can also incorporate honey into your skin and hair care routines. Try applying it as a mask for your hair or making an easy at-home honey hand treatment for tons of moisture. There’s even a trick to keeping your honey fresh for as long as possible. However you choose to use your honey, we know it will turn out so very sweet!

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