This Viral Video Shows You Exactly How to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

Soon you'll be peeling hard-boiled eggs like a pro.

Hard-boiled eggs are handy to have around. They’re easy to make and great to stash in your fridge for a high-protein snack, quick breakfast or to slice into salads. Honestly, the hardest part of eating hard-boiled eggs is peeling them.

But what if we told you there was a TikTok hack for that? We’ve already turned to the video platform to learn how to properly clean wooden spoons, cut cake with just a wine glass and make your pots look brand new so why not?

How To Peel Eggs With a Cup

The viral video by @rujinakhaled shows a big pot of boiled eggs cooling in cold water. She then plucks one out, puts it in a mug and vigorously shakes it around for a few seconds, then plops it back into the water-filled pan. You can see that the shell is already starting to peel off, and she then uses one hand to easily peel off the rest of the shell.

@rujinakhaledPerfectly peeled boiled eggs 🥚 ##lifehack ##stitch ##fy ##foodtiktok

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Does It Really Work?

The Kitchn tested this hack and found on the first attempt that if you shake your egg too hard in the mug it will damage the white a little. The sweet spot was letting the eggs rest for five minutes, then shaking the egg in the mug for just three seconds. It worked, but it didn’t necessarily take any less time than the standard methods. The consensus was that the shaking method was definitely more fun.

Next, check out how to store eggs the right way for optimal freshness.

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