This Viral Video Shows You How to Make Watermelon Pizza

You can make all kinds of watermelon pizza, but this TikTok-famous recipe is tart, spicy and refreshing.

Since watermelon is approximately 92 per cent water, it’s one of the most refreshing and hydrating foods you can get your hands on. That makes it a quintessential summer snack! You can cut up a ton of slices for baseball games, barbecues and even picnics for a healthy snack that will keep you cool. What’s not to love about watermelon?

Now, it’s being taken to a whole new level. I’m talking about a new food trend that you totally need to try this summer: watermelon pizza.

The best watermelon pizza recipe

This watermelon fruit pizza is an entirely new take on the classic ‘za. You can thank TikTok user @lalaleluu for the introduction!

In her video, she starts off with a whole round slice of watermelon, about an inch or two thick. Then, she covers the top with her “tomato sauce”, which in this case is chamoy, a savory sauce made from pickled fruit. On top of that, she adds slices of lemon—you’ve got to have a strong love for tart to try this pizza out. To finish the watermelon pizza, she sprinkles on Tajín (a spice that goes perfectly with fruit).

Do you dare try this spicy-and-tart fruit pizza?!

@lalaleluuWATERMELON PIZZA♬ original sound – Lala

You can also make a watermelon fruit pizza with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. Just make the pizza your own—whatever fruit you love is exactly the kind of topping to try!

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