8 Canadian Grilled Cheese Recipes

Do you love a good grilled cheese? Enhance your lunch with gourmet twists on the classic sandwich recipe, courtesy of Canada’s top chefs.

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Grilled Cheese Recipes: The

Grilled Cheese Recipes: The “Niagara Gold Crunch”

This grilled cheese recipes from the Niagara region brings together some of chef Jason Bangerter’s favourite things – grapes and cheese. This take combines the nutty-flavoured Niagara Gold cheese, a hint of salty prosciutto and the sweet and sour pop of pickled grapes.

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Grilled Cheese Recipes: Simplicity

Grilled Cheese Recipes: Simplicity

Made with local B.C. cheeses, luxurious brioche and homemade fruit chutney, this grilled cheese recipe was developed by chef Ned Bell of British Columbia for this year’s Grate Canadian Grilled Cheese Cook-Off, is simple yet unique and satisfying.

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The “Sweet Summer Night” Grilled Cheese

Toronto Chef Jason Bangerter uses versatile Mascarpone cheese to create this sweet grilled cheese sandwich recipe. The texture of pan-fried brioche is crispy on the outside and buttery in the inside, while the creamy cheese pressed against ripe strawberries flavoured with fine herbs is an instant brunch winner.

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The “Stampede Centennial” Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Celebrate 100 years of the Calgary Stampede and a century of agricultural passion with this Canadian provolone, blue cheese, and Alberta BBQ beef pulled short ribs sandwich recipe from chef Liana Robberecht.

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The “Cherry Bomb” Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This cheeky grilled cheese recipe gets its name from the delightfully bright pop of flavour of the candied cherry tomatoes prepared for the recipe.

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The “Apulia Panini” Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Inspired by his travels in the beautiful region of Apulia (the “Heel of the Boot”) in Southern Italy, chef Michael Howell from the Tempest Restaurant in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, created this flavour-packed grilled panini recipe which will make you dream of La Dolce Vita. Serve with a side of mixed olives and a glass of Limonata (sparkling Italian lemonade).

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The “Crabby Dipper” Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Gooey, rich and delicious, this grilled cheese sandwich is simply “melty yumminess,” according to its creator, chef Michael Howell.

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The “Ned Bell Pepper Sweet & Spicy” Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Prepared with local BC cheeses and served with sweet homemade jam, this take on the grilled sandwich is, according to British Columbia chef Ned Bell, “rustic, chewy, crunchy and cheesy-it doesn’t get any better.”

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