3 Egg-ceptional Recipes for Kids

Looking for a fun and exciting way to get your kids to eat some healthy meals? Try these super quick egg recipes that your children are sure to love.

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Egg Salad Creatures for Kids

Take the traditional recipe for egg salad and add some imagination by creating Egg Salad Creatures. Use whatever edibles you have growing in the garden or extra’s in the fridge to fashion up some sprout hair, olive eyes, pickle noses and maybe even a cucumber moustache. Let’s face it! Playing with your food can be as much fun as eating it. Kids and ‘kids at heart’ will love making silly creatures or faces using a mound of egg salad and a little imagination.

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Egg Flowers

Invite your kids to a backyard picnic with a floral theme. By simply slicing a hard-cooked egg and placing them on a platter in a circle to form a flower, adding some cucumber stems and a cherry tomato center, you have yourself an edible garden complete with Egg Flowers. Let the kids do the creating with their favourite fruits and veggies to add some colour to their meal. How does your garden grow? Very well when the flower petals are made from slices of hard-cooked and peeled eggs!

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Egg and Tuna Schooners

The perfect snack for a day spent by the water, these Egg and Tuna Schooners provide inspiration to exercise your imagination and your body. These energy packed, bite-sized treats will give your kids the vigour they need to play all day. Come sail away in a fleet of edible sailboats.

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