12 Hot Drink Recipes

When freezing temperatures and howling winds close in, cozy up with a steaming brew. These 12 hot drink favourites, both alcoholic and non, will warm away those cold winter blues. 

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Classic Mulled Cider

Warm up chilly carolers and welcome friends coming in from the cold with a fragrant batch of this classic spiced drink.

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Hot Chocolate Viennese

Chocolate, coffee, and hot milk-triple yum! This is a coffeehouse treat that you can enjoy for much less at home.

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Glogg is an Eastern European way to make fragrant, spicy mulled wine, and great way to spice (and heat) up any bottle of red.

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Hot-Blooded Marys

This Bloody Mary is both warm and spicy-a perfect hot winter drink.

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Chai Grog

This take on Chai tea and hot milk gets extra warm with the addition of rum.

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Mulled Wine

Mulling can make pretty much any wine taste great, and your cold party guests will appreciate the rich warmth and flavour.

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Apple Cider Recipe

When the weather turns chilly, curl up in your favourite chair and keep yourself toasty with this classic apple cider.

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Mexican-Spiced Hot Cocoa

Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, this Mexican-style cocoa is rich in calcium and magnesium.

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Caffe Latte

Why pay $3 to $5 for a cup of special coffee when you can so easily make it yourself-and at a fraction of the price?

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Warm Pineapple-Ginger Punch

This hot and spicy punch is a nice change from mulled cider. It’s also a good source of bromelain.

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Faux Cappuuccino

Trick (and treat) your loved ones with a fun and tasty fake ‘cappuccino’ that is elegant enough to serve year-round. You’ll have them fooled but they won’t be disappointed.

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Cider Punch

This rum cider punch makes a great warm drink to serve at a party or to enjoy on a cozy night in.

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