That’s Outrageous: 3 Mail Delivery Stories You Won’t Believe Are True

As these quirky tales prove, mail delivery is anything but a boring job.

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Wild turkeys
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When Turkeys Attack

In December 2017, a crew of hooligans threw mail service in Rocky River, Ohio, into disarray. The culprits? A rafter of eight to 10 wild turkeys who pecked at the postal employees and disrupted mail delivery to nearly 30 homes. Carriers employed multiple tactics to scare the birds off: one resourceful worker even resorted to blasting an air horn. After several weeks, animal control, along with the Ohio Division of Wildlife, stepped in. Using loud noises, they routinely chased the ruffled ruffians out of the neighbourhood, giving carriers time to do their jobs—and sending the message that no fowl goes unpunished in Rocky River.

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Military drone
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A Very Special Package… From the U.S. Government

Sometimes you accidentally get a letter intended for your neighbour, and sometimes you accidentally get drone parts belonging to the U.S. government. That’s what one man learned when a mysterious package landed on his doorstep in May 2014, containing what appeared to be a set of wings and a remote controller. According to UPS, the package’s ori­ginal label fell off during shipping, which could have caused the mistake. So, rather than showing up at a government-run marine sanctuary in Massachusetts, the package ended up at a New York residence. Thankfully for UPS, the receiver sent them back—no rescue mission required.

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Efate Island in the Pacific
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Mail Delivery For Thrill-Seekers!

If you think your current job has you drowning in work, don’t send your CV to Vanuatu Post, an underwater post office that lies three metres below sea level off the coast of Efate Island in the Pacific. There, visitors can dive down and send special waterproof postcards to their loved ones. If that seems too mundane, Vanuatu Post has a mailbox next to an active volcano. And you thought your inbox was about to explode!

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