That’s Outrageous! 3 Funny Pizza Delivery Stories

Think you’ve got a special order? Check out this roundup of hilarious pizza delivery stories!

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Funny pizza delivery stories
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1. Instant Pizza Delivery

Every late-night study session needs some food for thought (read: delivery pizza!). In September 2016, students at Xavier University in Cincinnati were greeted by an innovation in midnight snacking—a pizza vending machine that delivers piping hot treats 24/7. Called the Pizza ATM, it’s a convection oven stocked with up to 75 pizzas that are baked on demand for hungry scholars. The French manufacturer of the machine has been satisfying greasy cravings in Europe for more than a decade, but Xavier’s pizza machine means students in the United States are finally getting a slice of the pie.

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Vote for the Pizza Party
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2. Pizza for the People

On a Massachusetts list of citizens’ groups that includes the Latino-Vote Party and the Rainbow Coalition, the state also recognizes the Pizza Party. Josh Freeman, 43, founded the political designation in 2011 after gathering 120 signatures—70 more than the required 50—at bars and restaurants. Talk about being delivered by pizza! Sadly, the Pizza Party has only about 476 registered voters—some 42,600 short of the number needed to go from political designation to official party. While a passion for melted cheese may not provide much of a political platform, the party may have hit on something close to a universal value: a love of delivery pizza.

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Free pizza delivery story
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3. Free Pizza Delivery!

One day last September, Selena Avalos needed a lunchtime snack. During a break from her job at a mobile-phone store in San Jose, California, she ordered chicken wings from Domino’s Pizza. When the 21-year-old received her food, however, she found a side dish she wasn’t expecting: three stacks of cash totalling $5,000. A manager herself, Avalos identified the cash as an errant bank deposit and called the franchise. Her good deed was rewarded with free pizza delivery or other Domino’s products for a year. Who knew pizza karma could be so delicious?

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