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10 Canadians You Need to Follow on Social Media During the Pandemic (And Beyond)

Whether they're serving up humour or hope, these Canadians are making social media a brighter place when we need it the most.

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Ryan Reynolds, actor

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I think we can all agree, Covid-19 is an asshole. If you’re able to help, visit, @feedingamerica and @foodbankscanada

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He may have achieved leading man status in Hollywood, but Ryan Reynolds has never forgotten his Canadian roots. Case in point, his recent announcement (via Instagram, above) of a generous $1-million donation to food banks, split evenly between agencies in the U.S. and Canada—complete with dig at best frenemy forever, Hugh Jackman. If you cringed at the well-intentioned (but tone-deaf) celebrity singalong of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” you’ll adore Reynolds’ inimitably sarcastic take on the erm… Crucial… role that stars are playing in the crisis:

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Debra DiGiovanni, comedian

Millennials and Gen-X’ers know DiGiovanni from MuchMusic’s late-lamented Video On Trial (thankfully you can still watch old episodes on YouTube!), but Canadians of all ages need to follow this incredibly talented comic on Twitter and Instagram. DiGiovanni’s sharp, self-deprecating wit never fails to evoke a grin, and her material during the coronavirus crisis has been a ray of much-needed sunshine.

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Aimée Bourque, cookbook author

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✨Soup DIY! ✨ I’ve heard people are taking up a new instrument or learning a new language during this time of social distancing. That’s amazing. ???????? May I also suggest mastering the art of making soup completely from scratch? ???? To be able to simmer up a batch of soup WITHOUT a recipe is a necessary life skill, IMHO. ☺️ This tutorial has recently jumped to my Top 10 posts ???????? ???????? Bookmark it for a rainy day when you’re in need of a bowl of comfort. Stay home and stay safe, friends. ???????????? . . . #simplebites #scratchcooking #cooking101 #lifehack #kitchentips #souprecipe #batchcooking #mealprep #mealplanning #kitchn #delicious #kitchenorganization #plasticfree #zerowaste #zerowasteliving

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Stomach growling yet? That’s one of the hazards of scrolling through Aimée Bourque’s positively drool-worthy Instagram feed. The Halifax-based cookbook author offers more than just mouthwatering food photography, however—here, you’ll find practical tips on how to hone your own culinary skills and even recreate her dishes at home. Moms and dads will definitely want to check out her excellent advice on how to get kids involved in the kitchen, and her tutorial on freezing soup in jars will inspire you to whip up a big batch—completely from scratch.

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Arlene Dickinson, entrepreneur

Dragons’ Den star Arlene Dickinson dishes out more than great investment tips on her Twitter account. The straight-talking Dickinson’s combination of kindness and common sense (which, as we all know, isn’t all that common these days) is a welcome breath of fresh air on social media. There’s something so reassuring in knowing that one of Canada’s most well-respected business leaders is having as tough a time adjusting to working from home as the rest of us.

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Col. Chris Hadfield, astronaut

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Chris Hadfield is a man of many talents, but one of his greatest skills is in making complex scientific concepts easily understandable to everyday Canadians. Whether he’s sharing an infographic on how soap actually kills coronavirus, or a quirky meme demonstrating the important of social distancing, everyone’s favourite astronaut is well worth following on Instagram.

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Lilly Singh, TV host

Leave it to Scarborough, Ontario’s own Lilly Singh to find a funny side to the pandemic. Her latest Instagram video in the link below sees her exploiting social distancing to escape the wrath of her (understandably) exasperated mother—also played by Singh, naturally. It’s just the sort of silliness that put the YouTube sensation on the map, and we can’t get enough of it—especially in the current climate.

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Threatening to call child services when you learned about it in school didn’t work and neither will this. You could be a porcupine and yo mama still gonna whoop you if you talk back. Don’t play! ???????????? #MamaCantKnockYouOut • Jokes aside, I know this is a difficult time for everyone. I’m a big believer in the power of comedy during times of stress. Personally for me, there have been many times of darkness where laughter was the only light. I’m hoping this served the same purpose. This is my love language. To watch the full video titled, Life During a Pandemic, click the link in my bio. If it made you laugh, pass it along. We’re all in this together. At the end, I also provide helpful links and ways to donate x stay safe ❤️????????

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Suresh Doss, food writer

When you’re as passionate about food as Suresh Doss, you’ll stop at nothing to keep good cooks in business. In a pinned Tweet (above), the Toronto-based food writer has mapped out takeout and delivery options to enable GTA residents to support local independent restaurants during the crisis. What’s more, he’s got the scoop on virtual farmers’ markets that are popping up across the region. Bon appetit!

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Jann Arden, musician

Sometimes you need to laugh. Sometimes you need to cry. Sometimes you need to hear Canada’s most lovable chanteuse sing “Moon River” a capella moments after she’s woken up. Jann Arden is a national treasure, and yet her Instagram feed is a glimpse into the life of an ordinary Canadian, with the same hopes and fears as the rest of us.

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Rallycap Andy, superdad

Need faith that there are still kind people in this world? Follow Andy—a father of two from the GTA whose relentless optimism is downright inspiring (and totally contagious). On social media, where snark often rules supreme, Andy sets a standard of respect that we should all strive to meet, while sharing heartwarming and humorous anecdotes about what it’s like to be a parent during a pandemic. As an added bonus, now that we’re into baseball season (or should be, if not for coronavirus), you can expect oodles of his funny Toronto Blue Jays memes. Like, oodles.

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P.K. Subban, hockey player

Watching someone else put in a sweat sesh counts as a workout, right? In any case, it’s been fun to see how pro athletes like NHL’er P.K. Subban have been keeping fit while in self-isolation. Whether he’s spinning or attempting to master the subtle art of TikTok, Subban’s refreshingly positive outlook is sure to put a smile on your face, and maybe even motivate you to get moving.

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