10 Great Canadian Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Whether you want to be entertained while exercising or simply want to learn something new, these 10 must-listen Canadian podcasts are definitely worth carving out time for.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - The Big Story
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10 of the Best Canadian Podcasts

The Big Story

Find it impossible to keep up with all the news? The Big Story has your back. Hosted by journalist Jordan Heath-Rawlings (who’s worked for outlets like the Toronto Star and Maclean’s), this Canadian podcast cuts through all the noise and breaks down some of the buzziest stories of the moment—from breakthroughs in stroke research to labour disputes, and even what happens when Canadians officially report UFO sightings—in smart, witty fashion. Episodes come in at 30 minutes or less, so you can squeeze it into your morning routine before your first meeting.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - I Hate It But I Love It
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I Hate It But I Love It

We’ve all seen movies that are so bad they’re actually… kind of good, and few understand guilty pleasures better than Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie. Each week, the laugh-out-loud funny Toronto-based hosts of I Hate It But I Love It discuss a movie or show that they love—but often wish they didn’t. From digging deep into the joys of Mamma Mia! (despite the questionable singing), to analyzing why Jerry Maguire isn’t that romantic, I Hate It But I Love It is one of those Canadian podcasts that will have you looking at pop culture in an entirely different light.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - More Money
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More Money

Need a little financial guidance? Look no further than More Money. Millennial money expert and host Jessica Moorhouse believes in the power of financial literacy—and wants to teach others how to take control over their earnings. The Torontonian interviews other experts, celebrities and authors to explore tricky money-related topics like retirement planning and budgeting in an engaging way. Each episode will leave you feeling confident when tackling your own finances.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - The Secret Life Of Canada
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The Secret Life of Canada

Not everything makes it into the history books. In The Secret Life of Canada, co-hosts Falen Johnson and Leah-Simon Bowen shine a light on the untold and unconventional stories of our country’s past. From the myth-building around the Canadian Mounties to the long chain of events that led up to the Oka Crisis (also known as the Kanehsatà:ke Resistance), this fascinating podcast delves into the complex, need-to-know stories of Canada’s overlooked history.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - Canadian True Crime
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Canadian True Crime

Attention all true crime fans! Get your local fix through Canadian True Crime. Written and narrated by Kristi Lee (an Australian who now lives in Canada), this indie podcast dives into one true-crime case per episode, studying court documents, news archives and even interviews with those connected to the incident in a creative and gripping storytelling format. The only downside? There are usually (and understandably) only about one or two episodes every month, which means you may get a little impatient while waiting for the next tale.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - Lemon Water
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Lemon Water

Host Michelle Siman knows that everyone’s wellness journey is different. That’s why she invites leaders from Canada’s health and wellness community onto Lemon Water for intimate, thought-provoking conversations about their own journeys. Standout episodes include interviews with Leslie Ewing, the executive director of Plant-Based Foods Canada, and inspiring social media star and dancer Donté Colley.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - Missing And Murdered
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Missing and Murdered

Acclaimed journalist Connie Walker unearths the chilling stories of missing Indigenous women in this two-season CBC podcast. Season one tells the story of Alberta Williams, a young Indigenous woman who was murdered in British Columbia in 1989, and explores new information that reignites her cold case. The following season, titled Finding Cleo, joins a group of Indigenous siblings who were separated by child welfare authorities in Saskatchewan in the 1970s and adopted into white families across North America. The five siblings have since reconnected, but haven’t been able to find their sister, Cleo Nicotine Semaganis.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - Inappropriate Questions
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Inappropriate Questions

Every now and again, questions that are better left unsaid still get asked. In Inappropriate Questions, Toronto hosts Elena Hudgins Lyle and Harvinder Wadhwa invite guests and experts to break down the tricky questions that could be (and often are) offensive—like “Have you lost weight?” or asking an amputee “What happened?”—while keeping the conversation hilarious and insightful. Hopefully, you’ll learn something and maybe avoid a few awkward moments down the road, too!

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Best Canadian Podcasts - Thunder Bay
Photo: Canadaland

Thunder Bay

Did you know that Thunder Bay, Ontario, has the highest homicide and hate crime rates in Canada? Anishinaabe writer Ryan McMahon attempts to figure out why in Thunder Bay. Stories covered include the tragic deaths of nine Indigenous teens, a police chief put on trial for obstruction of justice and a mayor and his wife who were charged with extortion. This Canadaland podcast examines the systemic inequities and racism in the city—that also exist outside of it, of course—that cannot be ignored.

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Best Canadian Podcasts - Happy Good
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Happy Good

Get a little weird with Canadian comedian Chris Locke and his podcast, Happy Good. The writer and actor, known for his roles on Mr. D and Baroness Von Sketch Show, hopes to give you positive, happy vibes through a weekly stream-of-consciousness meditation that’s equal parts goofy and relaxing. Shut out the world around you, pull up the podcast and get ready to laugh and feel good about yourself.

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