Finally—A Face Mask For Guys With Beards!

And it's designed and manufactured right here in Canada.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique challenge for those sporting face fuzz: namely, finding a mask that provides full beard coverage. Although a little bit of scruff isn’t going to prevent a conventional face mask from fitting nicely under the chin, that’s exactly where the more hirsute have a problem—and a Canadian company has just come up with a solution.

The Beard Tarp is the latest innovation from Barrie, Ontario-based men’s lifestyle brand, Always Bearded. Like the face masks recommended by Canada’s most recent public health guidelines, the 100% cotton Beard Tarp provides three layers of protection, plus an additional Hydroknit filter which is disposable after each use. What sets it apart, however, is its three-dimensional design, which provides unrestricted protection of even the bushiest beard.

“At a time when masks are mandatory or highly recommended in many jurisdictions, the Beard Tarp is the only option for the bearded,” says Always Bearded founder, Sven Hansen.

Instead of elastics over the ears—a common complaint among those who find conventional face masks uncomfortable—the Beard Tarp is tightened from behind by a toggle. Around the front, an aluminum nose bridge—which can be removed when it’s time to hand-wash the mask—helps to ensure a snug seal, and keeps foggy glasses to a minimum.

Although the standard Beard Tarp ($30) should keep most beards contained, particularly prodigious growth may require a larger version ($35). Shipping across Canada is free on orders over $50.

Beard Tarp - face mask for beardsPhoto: Always Bearded

Although the Beard Tarp is available in a variety of patterns, it’s the Buffalo Check (above)—a holiday season exclusive—that’s tailor-made as a stocking stuffer. Check out 50 more inspired Canadian gift ideas here.