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Word Power Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Baby Terms?

Babies can start building their vocabularies at eight months old. How many of these baby terms are in yours?

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Baby Terms - EcholaliaPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #1: Echolalia

A: Jerky hand movements in infants
B: Repetition of speech by a child learning to talk
C: Infant’s joyful response to music

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Baby terms - baby and big brotherPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Repetition of speech by a child learning to talk

As in, “Liz noticed baby Pia’s echolalia when she started repeating everything her big brother said.”

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Baby Terms - BantlingPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #2: Bantling

A: Young child
B: One-piece sleeping garment
C: Baby bed with side rails

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Baby terms - group of young children playingPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Young child

As in, “The family reunion had a youthful spirit, with many bantlings running about.”

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Baby Terms - LanugoPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #3: Lanugo

A: Baby safety gate
B: Bond between mother and infant
C: Downy hair on a fetus or newborn

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Baby terms - newborn babyPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Downy hair on a fetus or newborn

As in, “Dark, soft lanugo covered the baby.”

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Baby Terms - ColicPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #4: Colic

A: Infant’s fear of abandonment
B: Intense and frequent crying in an infant
C: Cereal for babies

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Baby terms - mom and baby with colicPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Intense and frequent crying in an infant

As in, “Suffering from colic, the baby rarely slept for more than an hour.”

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Baby Terms - Apgar ScorePhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #5: Apgar score

Measure of:
A: Infant intellect
B: Physical condition of a newborn
C: Health of mother after birth

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Baby terms - newborn baby looking at motherPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Measure of the physical condition of a newborn

As in, “Bev was relieved to receive her daughter’s perfect Apgar score of 10.”

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Baby Terms - Sip And SeePhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #6: Sip and see

A: Party where parents show friends their newborn
B: Pregnancy test that is ingested
C: Parental toast at birth

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Baby terms - cupcakes on cake standPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Party where parents show friends their newborn

As in, “Mary hosted a sip and see to introduce the baby to her old schoolmates.”

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Baby Terms - FontanellePhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #7: Fontanelle

A: Dimple in cheek
B: Sippy cup
C: Space between bones in an infant’s skull

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Baby terms - cradling baby headPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Space between bones in an infant’s skull

As in, “Bharath felt a fontanelle near the crown of his daughter’s head.”

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Baby Terms - BabymoonPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #8: Babymoon

A: Vacation taken by a couple before the birth of a child
B: Eve of a newborn’s birth
C: Newborn’s buttocks

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Baby terms - couple walking on beach barefootPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Vacation taken by a couple before the birth of a child

As in, “They spent their babymoon walking the beach and contemplating parenthood.”

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Baby Terms - Helicopter ParentPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #9: Helicopter parent

Parent who is:
A: Distant
B: Dangerous
C: Overprotective

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Baby terms - overprotective mother with daughterPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Overprotective

As in, “Grammy Jane watched the helicopter parents chase their kids around the room.”

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Baby Terms - Object PermanencePhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #10: Object permanence

A: Understanding that objects exist when out of sight
B: Toddler’s refusal to share
C: Infant ability to keep muscles still

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Baby terms - dad playing with baby daughterPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Understanding that objects exist when out of sight

As in, “Having developed object permanence, baby Zara knew her toy was behind Daddy’s back.”

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Baby Terms - VernixPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #11: Vernix

A: Fetal position
B: Section of umbilical cord attached to baby after birth
C: Waxy substance covering a newborn’s skin

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Baby terms - mom and newborn baby in hospitalPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Waxy substance covering a newborn’s skin

As in, “Akari gently wiped the vernix off her baby.”

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Baby Terms - PostpartumPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #12: Postpartum

A: Following childbirth
B: Relating to social media images of newborn
C: Describing the birth of twins

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Baby terms - doctors examining babyPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Following childbirth

As in, “Helena was impressed with the birthing centre’s postpartum care.”

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Baby Terms - MotheresePhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #13: Motherese

A: Mother’s euphoria after delivery
B: Simplified speech used for babies
C: Maternal instinct

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Baby terms - mother using baby talkPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Simplified speech used for babies

As in, “Nana soothed the infant with motherese.”

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Baby Terms - Au PairPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #14: Au pair

A: Person who helps with child care in exchange for room and board
B: Stroller that holds two babies
C: Swaddling blanket

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Baby terms - woman pushing stroller in parkPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Person who helps with child care in exchange for room and board

As in, “Fiona loved exploring Paris while working as an au pair.”

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Baby Terms - NeonatalPhoto: / Shutterstock

Baby term #15: Neonatal

Of or relating to:
A: Newborn children
B: Parenting
C: One’s birthplace

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Baby terms - premature baby in incubatorPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Of or relating to newborn children

As in, “Born premature, Khalib spent six weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit.”

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