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11 Driving Mistakes That Drive Other Drivers Nuts

The driver in front of you slows down for seemingly no reason. The driver behind you is a bit too close for comfort. No turn signals, no headlights and no parking skills—here are 11 driving mistakes that drive other drivers nuts.

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Driver backing upPhoto: Eldar Nurkovic/Shutterstock

No Parallel Parking Skills

Users on Reddit noted that drivers who aren’t skilled at parallel parking can get on their nerves. Many noted watching unskilled parallel parkers even bump and scrape other cars while trying to get into a parking spot. Yikes!

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Cutting Someone Off

“Whether or not your intent is malicious, cutting off another motorist is bad manners at best and downright dangerous at worst,” says U.S. News and World Report. Be sure to check your mirrors and your blind spots before moving lanes or turning so you don’t force others to change paths.

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texting while drivingPhoto: JRP Studio/Shutterstock

Using the Phone

Collisions happen when you’re not paying attention. Many Reddit users said talking on the phone and texting while behind the wheel are two of their biggest pet peeves. And even if you don’t cause a collision, you can weave in and out of lanes and create confusion for other drivers. Put down that phone!

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Sitting at a Green Light

Other drivers want you to pay attention, even when you’re sitting at a light. U.S. News and World Report notes wasting time at a green light not only causes traffic backups, but irritates other drivers around you.

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driving in rainPhoto: Mr Twister/Shutterstock

Driving Too Fast for Conditions

While it’s best to follow the rules of the road, sometimes weather conditions can force you to slow down and go below the speed limit. Users on Reddit noted that if you are driving too fast for the conditions—such as during a rain or snow storm—you’re putting all the other drivers at risk.

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car tail lightPhoto: Askolds Berovskis/Shutterstock

Not Using Your Turn Signal

Signaling your intention to turn is one the most basic acts of courtesy one can engage in while driving, notes Car Talk. “It’s not hard to hit the lever down to go left or up to go right,” said one Reddit user. “Give me some indication of which way you’re going!”

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car headlightsPhoto: May_Chanikran/Shutterstock

Leaving On High Beams

Sometimes it’s just a mistake, but drivers note they want everyone to be more thoughtful when it comes to turning off their high beams when approaching other vehicles. Car Talk notes that if you blind an oncoming driver with your high beams, they might not be able to judge where your car is and could crash into you.

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Staying in the Far Left Lane

Drivers on Reddit note they can’t stand when slower drivers stay in the far left lane and hold up traffic. Bottom line: Use the left lane for passing and then move over to the right. If you aren’t passing, stay out of the left lane.

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snowy carPhoto: GreenMiles/Shutterstock

Not Cleaning Snow Off Your Car

You see it every winter—drivers hit the road before thoroughly cleaning the snow off their car. That snow can cause collisions if it slides or blows off, making conditions difficult for the cars behind. In some states, according to Car Talk, not cleaning off your windshield before driving is against the law.

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city-drivingPhoto: logoboom/Shutterstock


Drivers want you to stop riding their tail. “I call them ‘road bullies,'” said one Reddit user. “They are usually large SUVs that tailgate you on the highway when you’re already going 75 mph in the center right lane and there are lanes open on either side of you. This happens to me all the time and I’ve no idea what their motives are.”

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car-mirrorPhoto: altanakin/Shutterstock

Not Using Headlights

Just because you can see, that doesn’t mean other drivers can easily see you. “I can’t stand when drivers don’t turn on their lights when it is gloomy and/or rainy out,” said one Reddit user. “It’s tough to see you when I want to turn and switch lanes.”

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