GM is Removing Apple Carplay & Android Auto From Future Models

GM recently announced plans to phase out Apple Carplay and Android Auto in future electric vehicles.

Modern vehicles are constantly evolving as new safety features, entertainment options and smart technologies are developed. Since 2014, Apple Carplay has allowed iPhone-using drivers to enjoy many of the apps on their mobile devices through the built-in touchscreen displays of their vehicles. Android Auto gave Android users the same ability in 2015. Both technologies reproduce users’ phone screens on their car displays, allowing wireless in-car use of apps for music, texting, contacts, calendars, maps, audiobooks and more.

Since this technology appeared, major vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and many others have integrated it into their products. That said, the list of vehicle brands that support Apple Carplay and Android Auto recently shrank by one. In April 2023, GMC announced that it will phase out the use of Carplay and Android Auto in future electric vehicles.

Why is GM removing Apple Carplay and Android Auto from EVs?

GM has announced that it will stop offering Carplay and Android Auto in favour of its own built-in info-entertainment system. The company claims its goal is to enhance customer experience. According to GM spokesperson Kelly Cusinato, GM’s built-in system will outperform Carplay and Android Auto, offering users a better experience and more options. There’s also some speculation that transitioning to their own system will open up more revenue streams for GM in the future, via subscription fees for certain features and services. The change is set to begin with GM’s 2024 electric Chevrolet Blazer.

Will this affect sales for GM?

Both tech writers and GM customers seem annoyed with the auto manufacturer’s decision to phase out Carplay and Android Auto, and this could certainly affect future sales. Folks who prefer classic cars likely don’t care one way or the other, but drivers who opt for a techier experience have some strong feelings about the change.

Longtime GM customer Will Lindley says he was initially thinking of buying a new GM electric vehicle, but the lack of Carplay technology is a dealbreaker. “We’re an Apple family as far as computers,” Lindley says. “Both of our cars work with CarPlay. The navigation is there, all the contacts for our phone are there, so if CarPlay is not an option, we’re going to go elsewhere.” Although statements from GM don’t express concern about the potential loss of sales, tech writer Walt Mossberg agrees with Lindley. “Everybody hates GM’s decision to kill Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its EVs,” he says.

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