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  • 5 Things to End Muscle Pain>>

    When our muscles ache, often our first instinct is to reach for the pill bottle. But even seemingly benign drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin can, over time, increase your risk for ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Fortunately, there are alternatives for dealing with muscle soreness.>>

  • 10 Belly Pains You Should Never Ignore>>

    Some stomach pains may well be caused by an unpleasant meal, but when should you worry about belly-aches? When is gut pain more than just a cramp?>>

  • Gluten Be Gone: Deconstructing the Wheat-Free Diet>>

    Just a decade ago, the word “gluten” was foreign to many Canad­ians. Now it’s become nearly as ubiquitous as “low fat” on food labels, and eliminating the substance—a mix of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin, found in wheat, barley and rye—from daily diets is a runaway trend. But is going gluten-free really the healthiest course for everyone? >>

  • The Problem With Painkillers: Managing Opioid Use in Canada>>

    They come in myriad colours and sizes, their names unpronounceable. To many patients, prescription pills represent a respite from chronic pain and suffering, but to the approximately 200,000 Canadians hooked on painkillers, the medicine cabinet has led to what doctors are calling a national prescription drug crisis.>>

  • Top 10 Health & Wellness Resorts>>

    Overindulgence while on holiday used to be the no-guilt norm. But today’s more health-conscious traveler is seeking time off work to recharge body, mind, and spirit, get in better shape, and actually learn how to eat better while on vacation. Here are 10 ideal getaways that offer special programs, activities, instruction and extras that go above and beyond health and wellness.>>

  • 6 Tricks to Perk Up Your Eyes>>

    If the eyes are the mirror to the soul, some people’s souls look tired, puffy, and wrinkled. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to get your peepers perked up. >>

  • 10 Bizarre Weight Loss Tricks That Work>>

    You'd never guess it, but these unusual habits may actually help you lose weight. Read on to find out how.>>

  • 10 Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic>>

    Got a fitness buff on your shopping list this year? Step into Santa’s shoes with a selection of gift suggestions that will help your loved ones break a sweat and burn calories. Here are ten must-haves for the exercise enthusiast.>>

  • 3 Ways To Manage Ulcerative Colitis>>

    I’ve just learned I have ulcerative colitis. How can I manage it?>>

  • 5 Things For Heartburn>>

    No one likes an upset tummy. Here are five things to ease your pain and help you get on with your day without heartburn.>>

  • 7 Ways to Make Errands Less Stressful>>

    Like death and taxes, there’s no escaping having to run errands. Since they can eat up time better spent relaxing or exercising, here are a few ways to make the process quicker, less stressful and more enjoyable.>>

  • 10 Tips For A Healthy and Active Family>>

    Having trouble getting the kids outside despite the nice weather? Sometimes the video games can be first choice, but here are 10 tips to get the whole family outside and active.>>

  • 20 Ways To Get Energized This Spring>>

    Need a boost? Here are 20 ways to have more energy for life.>>

  • 5 More Things To Do With Coffee>>

    Fertilize your flowers, exfoliate your face, and flavour your stew with these fun and interesting new ways to use coffee.>>

  • 5 Things To Do With Coffee>>

    Cure headaches, clean your car, and make composting a breeze with these unexpected uses for coffee.>>