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Top 10 Sexiest Travel Destinations

Passion on your mind? Keep it there all vacation long with the sexiest travel spots around the world.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Paris

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Paris

The suggestion seems trite, but the City of Love has much to offer for couples looking to spice up their relationship. Spend a couple of hours at the Musée de l’érotisme, open daily until 2 am, to view its permanent exhibitions of contemporary and historical erotic art as well as a collection of rare documents, photos and drawings related to the city’s brothels from the late 19th century through 1946, when they were closed. Follow (or precede) your visit with a shopping trip at one of the city’s many lingerie stores, then stay the night in the Moulin Rouge room at the Hôtel Secret de Paris to reenact your favourite scenarios. And pack a padlock and a Sharpie to declare your undying love at one of two Paris bridges – Pont des arts or Pont de l’archevêché – by writing your names on the lock, attaching it to the bridge and throwing away the key.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Tahiti

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Tahiti

Maybe it’s the South Pacific locale, maybe it’s the sounds of French in the air, maybe it’s the lack of crowds – they get as many visitors in a year as Hawaii gets in a week – but there’s something about Tahiti that screams romantic seclusion. Be sure to book an overwater bungalow – some have glass floors so you can see tropical fish swimming below – and relax on your private balcony to enjoy the sunset. Planning a wedding? Tahitian ceremonies are legal for Canadians – hold the event in an overwater chapel, on a white-sand beach or even on a yacht – and the honeymoon’s sure to be unforgettable.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Amsterdam

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is known for its red light district and lax laws on marijuana use – and that freethinking spirit extends to visiting couples looking for inspiration. Go low-key with a two-hour candlelight cruise complete with wine and cheese, or amp it up at one of the city’s many burlesque shows, such as Valentine’s Love night with Burlesque Freakout. Don’t forget to stop in at the Sex Museum for some research and to drop by the Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) for a kiss – legend has it you’ll be rewarded with everlasting love.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Argentina

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Argentina

Pretty much nothing’s sexier than the tango, and Argentina (along with next-door neighbour Uruguay) is its home. The dance is so important to the country’s heritage that in 2009 it made a successful bid to UNESCO for the tango to be named on the organization’s Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Even if you’re not a dancer, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to watch the pros perform on the streets or onstage; visitors with a hankering to learn (and maybe practise back in the hotel room) can sign up for multiple kinds of classes, whether it’s the fancy stage style or the social tango that locals dance at weddings and during nights on the town.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This is no Brooke Shields-style pool, though there is a waterfall to frolic under. Near Reykjavik, the large lagoon is filled with mineral-rich seawater renowned for its healing properties and touts itself as a place to gain direct access to the energy of nature “to enhance energy of life, health and wellness.” You can spend hours soaking in the waters as well as enjoying facilities including steambaths and sauna and massage and spa treatments making use of ingredients such as silica and algae found in the lagoon. Finish your day at the Lagoon Bar with the Blue Lagoon cocktail or – if you’re feeling extra healthy – the vitamin-packed Energy shot.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Anguilla

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Anguilla

A beach vacation’s lovely – until all the other people get in the way of your fun. Avoid the crowds on peaceful Anguilla in the Caribbean. It’s devoid of casinos, high-rises and all-inclusive resorts, and rich in culture, activities and beaches – 33 of them to be exact, with sand as soft as icing sugar. Good thing, as you’ll need to rest up for your night on the town. Make your way to the village of Sandy Ground (you can go on your own or join a nightlife tour) to spend an evening dancing and listening to music with the locals. Whether jazz, reggae or something else is your style, you’ll find a bar to fit your mood – and the deserted beach is just steps away for when you need a breather and some alone time.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Find privacy sexy? You’ll love the 1,000 unspoiled acres of Parrot Cay, a private island resort with a perfect mile-long beach. Book the Ultimate Romantic Seclusion package for a no-planning-required vacation complete with butler service, private meal in the Tiki Hut, beach picnic and one-hour couples’ massage and candlelight dinner in the spa cottage. Make sure to sample the spiced banana fritters with banana ice cream – perhaps before a nap on the beach.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Grenada

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Grenada

Nutmeg is said to be an aphrodisiac, and this Caribbean island produces one-third of the world’s supply – you do the math. Take a tour of the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station for just a dollar – pick up some of the spice in the gift shop before you leave – then head to your pick of resorts for spa, beach and alone time. At LaSource, for instance, located on secluded Pink Gin Beach, book a special Valentine’s Day package including a champagne breakfast in bed, a couples’ massage, a romantic beach dinner with private waiter and a champagne drawn bath.

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World's Sexiest Travel Destinations: Fort Myers & Sanibel, Florida

World’s Sexiest Travel Destinations: Fort Myers & Sanibel, Florida

If there’s one thing that’s not sexy, it’s the Canadian winter getup of clunky boots, puffy coat, tuque and red nose – not to mention long underwear. Escape and shed your layers at the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, on the Gulf Coast of southwest Florida. Make your way to Lovers Key State Park for kayaking, hiking, cycling or picnicking; on Valentine’s Day, join a wedding vow renewal ceremony on the beach.

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10. GoldenEye Hotel and Resort, Jamaica

10. GoldenEye Hotel and Resort, Jamaica

If James Bond fits your idea of sexy – no matter which incarnation you have in mind – then GoldenEye will be just up your alley. Ian Fleming, creator of the Bond character, built the resort and wrote all of the books here; the original house, called the Fleming Villa, is still standing and available for bookings (perhaps you’d like to write from Fleming’s original writing desk?). And the location’s perfect for role-playing, whether it’s a suggestive game of cards, a ride along the beach or any other scene from your favourite James Bond films.