Top 10 Sexiest Places on the Planet

If Paris, Amsterdam and Argentina no longer boost your libido, give these sexy world travel destinations a shot.

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Ipanema, Brazil

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Ipanema, Brazil

Welcome to Ipanema – a tantalizing corner of Rio de Janeiro alive with glistening sunbathers. But the steamy view doesn’t end with the minimal bikinis and male G-strings. This oasis boasts two kilometres of white sandy beaches framed by gently rolling azure tides. Chances are, this hedonistic beachfront community might sound familiar. The holiday hot spot first blasted into the public consciousness back in 1962 when the bossa nova hit ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ flirted with radio listeners worldwide. Today, Ipanema is one of Brazil’s most sexually charged destinations where inhibitions melt away in the midday heat.

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Havana, Cuba

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Havana, Cuba

It’s Havana’s energetic vibe that draws you in. Other destinations may be more beautiful, more refined, but the Cuban capital has a sexy undercurrent that gets under your skin and is impossible to miss. Lonely Planet travel guides once celebrated the Caribbean’s largest city by calling it “earthy” and “seductive” – it’s this unpretentious, sultry feel that continues to bewitch its visitors. Like a stylish, confident woman, Havana doesn’t have to try too hard to be provocative and captivating.

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Saint-Tropez, France

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Saint-Tropez, France

The French Riviera may be famous for decadent Tahiti Beach and its topless, party loving crowd, but this Cote d’Azur haven also caters to intimacy and seduction. Once the private playground for artist Pablo Picasso, author F. Scott Fitzgerald and celluloid sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, Saint-Tropez is brimming with a sensual energy that enchants and teases. If you find the public cavorting of Europe’s rich and beautiful too intrusive, hire a private yacht for an intimate escape on the Mediterranean, or indulge in a night or two at the luxurious Le Yaca hotel where discretion is only a locked door away.

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Las Vegas, Nevada

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Las Vegas, Nevada

Voted in 2012 by users of the travel website Orbitz as the sexiest place in the US, this desert oasis has definitely earned its ‘Sin City’ nickname. A favourite destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties, honeymooners and dirty weekends, Las Vegas wears its kinky side with pride. Strip tease shows for men and women share centre stage with scantily dressed showgirls and a permissive party atmosphere that stays true to the motto, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” 

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Marrakesh, Morocco

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Marrakesh, Morocco

For an exotic getaway that entices all of your senses, pack your bags for Morocco. Home to the Sahara Desert, energetic markets (souks) and mouthwatering Moroccan cuisine, this African jaunt will put the spice back into your relationship. Luxury hotels populate Marrakesh’s core, offering refreshing pools and bars for when you need to turn down the heat. Or if you’re looking for a more traditional – and beguiling – hideout, book a luxury tent at the Auberge Kasbah Tombouctou in Merzouga.

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Berlin, Germany

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Berlin, Germany

Ready for a walk on the wild side? Berlin doesn’t just unwind after dark; it shakes off every inch of modesty. If you’re in the mood for x-rated exhibitionism, this German city has plenty of nightspots to keep you enthralled. Fetish clubs such as the infamous KitKatClub encourage adults to frolic and explore their fantasies. These venues are not for the demure, so social wallflowers need not apply!

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Cook Islands, the South Pacific

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Cook Islands, the South Pacific

Bora-Bora, Tahiti and Fiji might receive all the steamy press attention, but the Cook Islands are just as sultry as their South Pacific companions. Comprised of 15 islands scattered between New Zealand and Hawaii, this slice of paradise provides the ultimate getaway. Crave privacy? Unlike the overcrowded beaches and resorts of neighbouring destinations such as Hawaii, the Cook Islands are one of the vacation world’s biggest secrets. Swim in underground caves, explore coral lagoons and experience Polynesian culture first hand without a hoard of tourists watching your every move.

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: St. Kitts, the Caribbean

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: St. Kitts, the Caribbean

Jamaica isn’t the only island nation in the Caribbean catering to passion seekers. St. Kitts offers 13 pristine sandy beaches, breathtaking ocean vistas and a sizzling, laid back feel that oozes sex appeal. Travellers seeking an amorous escape will be tantalized by private catamaran cruises, and the seductive energy of the bars and restaurants along The Strip. And when you crave more intimate moments between you and your partner, dive into the deep at one of St. Kitts’ unspoiled dive sites featuring a kaleidoscope of shimmering coral reefs and brightly hued fish.

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Venice, Italy

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Venice, Italy

When you’re the birthplace of Casanova – a figure famous for his sexually-charged liaisons – you’re deemed passionate by association. For Venice, this randy reputation is well deserved. Majestic architecture, spectacular public squares and its iconic network of canals snaking through the city’s heart create a backdrop for a European romp that’s beyond compare. And where else in the world can you and your partner stoke the flames of desire while sailing in an authentic Venetian gondola under the Italian stars?

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World's 10 Sexiest Places: Montreal, Canada

World’s 10 Sexiest Places: Montreal, Canada

Maybe it’s the stylish locals, the mouthwatering cuisine, or the European élan of Old Montréal that nudges the mind (and body) towards more sensual pursuits. Whatever the spark, the city whispers sex appeal. There’s always something intriguing to pique your interest – a thriving club scene, acclaimed restaurants, the annual Jazz festival and the sizzle of the Grand Prix. Move over New York City. Montréal is a city that rarely sleeps, making it the perfect partner in crime for couples on the prowl for adventure.

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