13 Cruise Ship Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Save money, stay comfortable and avoid seasickness with these cruise ship tips from Canada’s foremost travel experts.

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Cruise ship tips: Where are the best cabins located?
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1. Cruise ship tips: Know where the best (and worst) cabins are located

One of the most important cruise ship tips is to avoid those cabins located directly under the gym, the pool or any late-night venue. Know that if you book a cabin at the front of the ship, you’re going to feel some up-and-down motion.

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Cruise ship tips: Pack extra phone chargers
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2. Pack extra power for your mobile devices

If your cruise ship permits it, pack a charging station or power strip. Many vessels have only one or two outlets per cabin, so that extra source of charging power could come in handy.

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Cruise ship in the Port of Halifax, Canada
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3. Cruise ship tips: Check to see if you’ll need an adapter onboard

Even if it’s leaving from a Canadian port or is run by a Canadian cruise line, your cruise ship might be European and have European outlets.

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Don't park in the cruise ship parking lot
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4. Cruise ship tips: Know where (and where not) to park

If you’re arriving by car, don’t park in the cruise terminal, which can cost $20 to $30 a day. Leaving your vehicle off-site and taking public transit to the terminal may halve your costs.

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Dealing with crime on cruise ships
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5. Dealing with crime onboard a cruise ship is… Complicated

Onboard crime is infrequent, but you won’t be able to simply dial 911 if something bad happens. Cruise ships fall under the same International Maritime Organization regulations as cargo ships. “If you’re in international waters, typ­ically it’s dealt with by the governing country of the vessel,” says Nathan Small, who’s worked on expedition cruises for six years. If you’re the victim of a crime on a boat registered in Russia, you’ll need to head to a Russian court to see that justice is served.

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Cruise ship tips: Booking land excursions
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6. Cruise ship tips: Take land excursions into your own hands

Passengers can book many of the same land excursions larger cruises offer for a fraction of the cost by arranging them privately with tour companies beforehand.

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Wash your hands often a cruise
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7. Wash your hands frequently while on a cruise ship

There were 13 gastrointestinal illness outbreaks on cruise ships in 2016, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Thankfully, rates have declined so far in 2017—only five outbreaks between January and July—but it’s better to be safe!

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Not all cruise lines are created equal
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8. Not all cruise lines are created equal…

Thanks to laws that allow cruise lines to register their vessels in foreign nations, compan­ies working in international waters don’t have to comply with Canadian or U.S. labour regulations, even if they leave from Canadian or U.S. ports. Crew members on larger ships may be working 12 to 13 hours every day, with no minimum wage, overtime or benefits. It pays to research companies’ labour practices before booking.

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Ever wonder where cruise ships get fresh water?
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9. Modern day cruise ships are high-tech marvels

Ever wonder where cruise ships get all that freshwater? Many of them make it. Giant on-board desalination systems remove salt and impurities from ocean water so it’s safe to drink.

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What happens to waste on a cruise ship?
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10. Cruise ship tips: Try not to think about what happens to waste…

And what about waste generated on a cruise ship? Ships are legally allowed to pump wastewater and sewage overboard once they’re in international waters, says Small.

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Your cruise ship probably won't have free wi-fi
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11. Don’t expect to post to Facebook or watch Netflix on a cruise ship

On a cruise ship, Wi-Fi can cost upwards of $30 for 300 minutes, and the connection will most likely be tortoise-slow. Adjust your expectations, says Small, and come prepared to connect with the people around you instead.

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Cruise ship tips: Book well in advance
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12. Cruise ship tips: Don’t wait to book your tickets

Sorry, procrastinators: Most cruise lines now favour early-booking promos over last-minute deals. For the lowest price, book when companies announce an itinerary, often about 18 months out.

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How to pack for a cruise ship
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13. Packing for a cruise? It’s easier than you might think (even if you’re cruising to the Arctic!)

Check to see if your cruise includes laundry services for a small added fee. If you’re taking an arctic or Antarctic cruise, they may also provide the gear you need. “You don’t necessarily have to buy yourself a parka, pants and boots,” says Judi Cohen of Worldwide Quest. “They lend you a dry sack to store your valuables in, and there are binoculars on board.”

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