Remember Them: Perley Cameron, NNSH

Part of a continuing special tribute to help mark Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Veteran Profile: Perley CameronPhoto: Our Canada

Veteran Profile: Perley Cameron, NNSH

Perley was born in Sydney, N.S., and joined the Cape Breton Highlanders in 1939, but transferred to the North Nova Scotia Highlanders to be sent overseas sooner. He landed on D-Day as a “carrier” driver and experienced many battles against the infamous 12th SS Hitlerjugend. Perley finished the war with the NNSH and was one of the few “originals” to return home of those who left Canada in 1941. He passed away in April 2001.

“The thing that bothered me most was seeing some of my friends being killed.”

To view an interview with Perley Cameron, researched and produced by Veterans Voices of Canada, click here.

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