Remember Them: Norman Salive

Part of a continuing special tribute to help mark Canada’s 150th anniversary.

World War II veteran Norman SalivePhoto: Courtesy of Veterans Voice of Canada

Veteran Profile: Norman Salive

Born in Walkerville, Ont., on August 14, 1924, Norman joined the Royal Canadian Army in 1942 with the Calgary Highlanders. While fighting against German forces near the flooded dykes of Holland in 1944, he was wounded by shrapnel.

“Mortars and shells were going off all around us. A piece of shrapnel went through my hand and into the butt of my gun. My friend (John St. Louis) got hit in the leg…he couldn’t walk. I had to put him on my shoulder and carry him back to our guys in the rear.”

Norm lived in Sylvan Lake, Alta., and passed away on February 4, 2014.

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Originally Published in Our Canada