Check Out the Winning Entries in the 2019-2020 Share Your Canada Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of our annual photo contest—choosing among such amazing entries wasn’t easy! Here are the three winners, along with some others we felt worthy of special mention. Thanks to all who participated!

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Share Your Canada photo contest winner - Skating on Lake Louise
Photo: Stanley Aryanto

1st place ($500): Iconic Canadian Moment

Stanley Aryanto, Lake Louise, Alberta

“I feel this image of my friend George, skating with his hockey stick and puck, is a perfect representation of Canada: a frozen lake, skating and hockey. When I think about Canada, these are three iconic things that come to mind. This photo was captured on Lake Louise during a flash freeze, when the lake freezes overnight. As you can see the surface was still pristine and not as tracked as usual, as we were the first ones to head out on the ice that day.”

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Share Your Canada photo contest - tree in reflection
Photo: Kyle Strongman

2nd place ($300): Trees in Reflection

Kyle Strongman, Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia

“I love this picture because there were so many elements that came together to create this scene. We’d had a lot of rain that made the river rise and flood, and it was also snowing heavily, but the leaves on the beech tree were still hanging on. The water revealed the reflection of the trees, the snow isolated the beach tree, and the remaining leaves gave a pop of colour to an otherwise stark winter environment.”

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Photo: Mel Diotte

3rd place ($200): Spider Eyes

Mel Diotte, LaSalle, Ontario

“I choose this macro shot of a tiny jumping spider because I find tiny spiders and insects look really cool when magnified. This tiny spider, for example, is no bigger than half the size of a fingernail, yet you are able to see my reflection in the spider’s eyes when the image is viewed at a larger size. Nature is amazing.”

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Share Your Canada photo contest - deer and snow
Photo: Jessie Urff

Runner-up: Perfect Timing

Jessie Urff, 108 Mile Ranch, B.C.

“I took this photo in my own backyard,” shares Jessie Urff of 108 Mile Ranch, B.C. “As we pulled up our driveway, I jumped out of the car and just started snapping pictures. Trying not to spook him, I stood on a cement block and leaned against a post while trying not to fall. As the buck was nibbling and tugging on the snow-covered branches without a worry, the sun shone at a perfect angle allowing me to capture this shot in all its natural glory.”

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Share Your Canada Photo Contest - lonesome cowboy
Photo: Gralyn Boyd

Runner-up: Lonesome Cowboy

Gralyn Boyd, Rimbey, Alberta

“Rodeos can sometimes be overlooked or misunderstood, so my goal is to show the ‘behind the scenes’ of it all,” explains Gralyn Boyd of Rimbey, Alberta. “These types of candid photos are a favourite of mine because you get the whole picture, there is no posing or telling people where to look, it’s all improvised and quickly shot. I have been travelling to rodeos my whole life and know the horses, the people and the events—all of it. This particular photo was taken at the Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo in Merritt, B.C., showing stock contractor Ward Macza in front of some of the best horses in the world.”

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Share Your Canada photo contest - moonlight waterfall
Photo: Dean McLeod

Runner-up: Waterfall in Moonlight

Dean McLeod, Saskatoon

“Crescent Falls on the Bighorn River in Clearwater County, Alberta, is a true sensory experience,” says Dean McLeod of Saskatoon. “I climbed down to the lower tier and, after waiting for hours with my camera attached to a tripod, the moon finally came into view and inched its way across the sky into position over the falls. It was so bright that it lit up the flowing water with beautiful reflections that cast a glow throughout the amphitheater. I was the only soul for miles to witness this wonderful spectacle of nature.”

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