Remember Them: Eugenie Marie Francoeur Turner

Part of a continuing special tribute to help mark Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Eugenie Marie Francoeur TurnerPhoto: Veterans Voices of Canada

Veteran Profile: Eugenie Marie Francoeur Turner, RCAF/WD

Born in Saint-Polycarpe, Que., in 1922, Eugenie joined the Royal Canadian Air Force/ Women’s Division in 1942. She worked as a teletypist in Newfoundland for 11 months prior to being sent overseas in 1943. There, Eugenie served in 6 Bomber Command on several airfields. During the D-Day invasion, she worked 24 hours straight to keep Operations up-to-the-minute on developing events. Eugenie and her base were officially congratulated for their D-Day communications work. She now resides in Kelowna, B.C.

“Dad said to me, ‘You know, Mom and I do not want you to go.’ I said, ‘Dad, I’m sorry, but I have to…” and off I went.”

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Originally Published in Our Canada