The Best Hikes in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Foliage, frozen finds and freaky tours make getting outdoors more exciting.

Woman hiking in St. John's, NewfoundlandPhoto: GettyOften times, there is no better way to discover the amazing history and beauty of a town than to pursue it thoroughly on foot. Get in touch with nature while strengthening your mind and body on these hikes in St. John’s.

East Coast Trail

While over 300 kilometres long, the East Coast Trail starts in St. John’s. Made up of many pathways such as Biscan Cove Path and Father Troy’s Trail, you can find natural wonders along the coastline such as cliffs, fjords, and an astounding wave-drive geyser known as the Spout. You’ll discover icebergs, wildlife of many kinds, and historical sites such as lighthouses. As you cross the 50-metre suspension bridge, you may uncover a new love for nature.

Pippy Park

This urban park features forests, rivers, and hills for an exciting scenic venture. Enjoy many different types of trails in one park, including boardwalks, country paths, and gravel. Highlighting views of St. John’s as well as the Atlantic Ocean, Pippy Park is the perfect place to energize and recharge.

The St. John’s Haunted Hike

Don’t be afraid-let’s get in the Halloween spirit! Sure, it’s not a peaceful hike through the gorgeous terrain of St. John’s, but it’s a lot of fun. Enjoy special themed hikes from “Sinners & Spirits” to “Ghosties & Ghoulies” and beyond. This walking tour is great for the whole family to see the fun and freaky spots downtown.