True Stories

The Toronto Ice Storm That (Nearly) Stole Christmas

I was determined to bring my splintered family together for the best-ever holiday. Nature had other ideas.

These People Faced a Certain Death—and Lived to Tell the Tale

When faced with certain death, it takes bravery, determination—and plenty of luck. The stories of four people who lived to...

Drama in Real Life: A Collection of Reader’s Digest’s Most Gripping Survival Stories

Can’t get enough of the heart-stopping survival stories in Reader's Digest's Drama in Real Life section? You’ll be on the...

Why My Sikh Family Loves Celebrating Christmas

One reason I like Christmas is that when everyone else is gathering around a turkey, glass of wine in hand,...

This Random Act of Small Town Kindness Will Warm Your Heart

After a photo negative was found in a secondhand suitcase, the residents of Almonte, Ontario, stopped at nothing to get...

These Pandemic Pet Adoption Stories Will Warm Your Heart

Over the past year, an unprecedented number of Canadians opened their homes—and their hearts—to new friends. Here are just a...

I Was 46 When I Discovered I Was Autistic. Suddenly My Life Made Sense

My difficulties fitting in, my problems at work and my divorce all made sense when, at 46, I discovered I...

This Man Travelled 13,000 Kilometres Across Canada—By Zamboni

In 2002, this "Iceman" drove a Zamboni through 69 Canadian communities in support of grassroots hockey and our Olympic hockey...

D-Day Changed the Course of WWII—and These Canadians Helped Make it a Success

On June 6, 1944, 14,500 Canadians were cracking codes, dropping paratroopers and dodging bullets as part of the largest military...

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5 Famous Ghost Stories That Have Been Debunked

If you've ever been spooked by these famous ghost stories, sleep easy—there's a perfectly rational explanation for each of them.

After an Earthquake Devastated Alaska, a Reporter Came to the Rescue

In the terrifying aftermath of the Great Alaska Earthquake, 37-year-old broadcaster Genie Chance became the voice of hope and comfort.

This Mother Couldn’t Work During the Pandemic—Now She Faces Eviction and Owes $17,000 in Rent

Nina Hodder, like many parents living paycheque to paycheque, lost work because of the pandemic. This is the story of...

These Random Acts of Kindness Will Inspire You to Pass It On

From donating a kidney to writing letters to seniors, these incredible Canadians made a difference this past year.

What My Seven Dogs Taught Me About Love

Through each monumental moment in life, there is something for our dogs to teach us—about love, friendship, family, identity, and...

At 63, Bestselling Mystery Author Louise Penny is Still Taking Chances

In her 40s, Louise Penny quit her job to author a series of hit crime novels. Now she's publishing a...

Road Trip Diaries: Travelling Across Canada With Two Dogs and a Cat

The true test of a relationship is to take it on the road!

A Salute to Canada’s CF Snowbirds

Recalling the day excited anticipation turned to deep despair and grief.

These Tiny Triumphs Helped Me Make the Most of My Year, Despite the Pandemic

From thanking a stranger to clearing your inbox, no task is too small. Here’s how doing these simple tasks might...

After a Routine Surgery Went Wrong, This Patient Agreed to Extreme Measures

What was supposed to be a straightforward surgery left Verna Marzo on the brink of death. With less than a...

These Dogs Are Teaching Machines How to Sniff Out Cancer

Learn how new discoveries about dogs' ability to detect disease will revolutionize medicine.

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The Most Chilling UFO Sightings Ever Recorded

If you're a skeptic, these creepy UFO sightings will make you believe. If you already believe, prepare to get spooked!

This Man Was Bitten By a Rattlesnake—After It Had Been Decapitated!

When Jeremy Sutcliffe decapitated the poisonous snake, he assumed that would be the end of it. He was wrong.

When a Scuba Diver Got Lost in a Cave, This Rescuer Refused to Quit Searching

Two friends dove into a dark underwater tunnel in the Adriatic Sea. Only one came out.

How a Chicago Hospital Pulled Off Back-to-Back Triple Organ Transplants

Before 2018, only 15 triple organ transplants—heart, liver and kidney—had ever been performed in the United States. Then, over the...

This Woman’s Legendary Fudge Recipe Was Engraved on Her Tombstone

The recipe for "Kay's Fudge" will never be forgotten.

What My Daughter Taught Me When She Came Out As Trans

"When my child told me she was trans, I remember the fear: for her safety, for how the world might...

After 21 Years of Marriage, I Helped My Husband Come Out as Gay

We had three small children when my husband realized he was gay, but helping him come out taught them an...

My Mother Married an Astronaut

While he may not have been to space, this new dad was truly out of this world.

Hope and Light: The Art of Kevin Pee-Ace

From his residential school upbringing to the early days of reconciliation, artwork and family continue to be sources of strength...