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14 Money-Saving Tricks Using Everyday Items

Everyone enjoys saving money, especially when it comes to improving your home. Check out these handy hints using everyday items.

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5 Highly Effective Home Remedies For Canker Sores

Got antacid, teabags and aloe vera handy? They're just a few of the everyday items that can help treat canker...

How to Get Candle Wax Out of a Jar

That candle jar can be recycled and used for so many things!

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25+ Clever Uses for Coffee Filters You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

You use coffee filters everyday to make your favourite morning brew, but they have lots of other uses around the...

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30+ Cheapskate Handy Hints for the Outdoors

Save those milk jugs, soda cans and pool noodles you thought were useless—and give them a new life outdoors with...

Why Do Restaurants Put Rice in the Salt Shakers?

Plenty of restaurants use the "rice in salt shaker" trick. Here's why!

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14 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your Washer and Dryer

A decent washer and dryer should last at least 10 years. If you're committing these maintenance mistakes, however, you could...

How to Grow a Hanging Herb Garden in a Shoe Organizer

This hanging herb garden is a simple and adorable way to get your hands in the dirt this summer!

Anxiety Is On the Rise During COVID-19. Here’s What You Can Do to Help Ease It

Compounding crises have made everyone anxious, but how do you know if you’ve slipped into a more serious disorder—and what...

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19 Bungee Cord Hacks to Get Hooked On

These fantastic elastic cords are useful for more than just tying down tarps.

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5 Air Compressor Uses You Never Thought to Try

There are many ways to use an air compressor at home—all you need to do is think outside the box....

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14 Ways You’re Using Disinfectants Wrong

From using the wrong products to not leaving the right ones on long enough to work their magic, these are...

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50 Popular Life Hacks From the Internet That Just Don’t Work

Brushing your teeth with charcoal will get rid of stains—along with your tooth enamel.

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100 Home Improvement Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Sometimes those head-scratching home improvement moments turn into "Aha!" ideas.

Winter Driving Safety Tips Every Canadian Should Know

Don't let the winter weather catch you—and your ride—by surprise. To make sure you're prepared, check out these winter driving...

13 Disasters That Can Ruin Your Holiday (And How to Fix Them)

Don't let the weather—or an uncle's bigoted rant—make your festive season any less bright.

How a Group of Amateur Hackers Transformed Diabetes Care

It's always been a lot of work to manage my diabetes. Then I met some fellow patients who change my...

80+ Absolutely Brilliant Uses for Old Socks

These uses for old socks will finally give those lonely orphan socks that you've been accumulating for years a purpose.

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9 Clever Uses for Plastic Produce Bags

Don't throw away those plastic produce bags from the grocery store! You can prevent extra plastic waste by reusing the...

This Nifty Trick Will Humidify Your Home—Without a Humidifier

No humidifier? No problem! Here's an easy fix.

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The Most Common Car Problems—and How to Fix Them Yourself

The next time these common car problems arise, save yourself some money by tackling the repairs on your own. Here's...

Brilliant Uses for Tennis Balls You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

If you're only using tennis balls on the court, you're tapping just a fraction of their potential! Find out how...

12 Things You Really Should Be Cleaning with Lemons

Looking for all-natural alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners? Tap the cleaning power of lemons and green-up your cleaning routine.

How I Mastered Baking a Yeast Bread from Scratch After Years of Failure

If I could overcome my first run-in with yeast—and the lopsided result—anyone can.

14 Genius Uses for Dryer Sheets That Will Change Your Life

From eliminating hair static to cleaning tree sap, here are practical uses for dryer sheets that go beyond the laundry...

14 Things You Should Never Clean with Water

Sometimes water does more damage than good.

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Storing on Your Kitchen Countertop

If you're like most people, you probably use your kitchen counter as a catch-all for various odds and ends, food-related...