8 Surprising Uses For Kitchen Tongs All Around the House

These additional uses from our experts give you an excuse to have a pair in every color.

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Uses for kitchen tongs - bottle opener
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Use kitchen tongs as a bottle opener

Use the inside part of the handle of a pair of kitchen tongs to crack open a beer or soda bottle. Cheers!

(Feel free to crack open another if you’re planning on trying these handy household uses for beer!)

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Use kitchen tongs to get a grip on the strainer

If your colander is smaller than your cooking pot, loop kitchen tongs through the colander handles. This hack will certainly come in handy when you’re straining things like stock from one pot to another. Here are more brilliant cooking shortcuts you’ll wish you knew sooner.

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Use kitchen tongs to dry kitchen gloves

Turn your kitchen tongs upside down in your dish drainer and put your dishwashing gloves on either side to drip dry.

Psst—here’s why you shouldn’t wash dishes by hand.

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Use kitchen tongs to prop up recipe cards

Use kitchen tongs that lock to hold a recipe card or smartphone upright while cooking. Check out more ways to cook everything faster.

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Use kitchen tongs to clean the oven

Grab a damp, folded cloth with your tongs and use it to wipe down a warm oven. The steam from the damp cloth helps to loosen and remove spills and stains without the use of harsh chemicals. You should also try this little-known trick to cleaning your oven without scrubbing.

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Use kitchen tongs to grease the grill

Grease a hot grill by using tongs to hold a wad of paper towels wetted with oil. Then, try these delicious summer grilling recipes.

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Use kitchen tongs to tackle hard-to-reach places

Use tongs as an extension of your arms to grab items on the higher shelves in your kitchen and pantry, or to reach dog or cat toys that take up residence with the dust bunnies under your couch.

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