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5 Things to Do with Shortening

Only use shortening in the kitchen? You’ve been missing out. Read on for five other things to do with shortening. You may be surprised.

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Cool things to do with shortening

Keep shortening away from sunlight to prevent it from going rancid, then you can use it for all sorts of jobs around your home and garden in all seasons. Read on for unusual things to do with shortening that don’t involve baking.

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Things to do with shortening: Keep Snow from Sticking to a Shovel

Here’s one of the things to do with shortening you will thank us for this winter! In cold climate areas, before you dig out the car or clear the driveway after a snowstorm, coat the blade of your shovel with shortening or liquid vegetable oil. It will not only keep snow from sticking but also make shovelling less tiring and more efficient.

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Things to do with shortening: Remove Tar from Fabric

Tar stains are tough to remove, but you can make the job easier with this great tip on how to use shortening. After scraping off as much of the tar as you can, put a small glob of shortening over the remaining spot. Wait about three hours and then launder as usual.


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Uses for shortening: Polish Rain Boots

Here’s another handy use for shortening: To make dirty rain boots shine like new again, you can rub on some shortening and wipe with a clean rag or cloth.

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Cool uses for shortening: Soothe Diaper Rash

Caught in a pinch with a cranky baby who’s got a rash? Here’s a great way to use shortening: Rub some on a diaper rash for fast relief. It will soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.

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Ways to use shortening: Remove Sticky Adhesives

Don’t wear down your fingernails trying to scratch off resistant sticky labels and price tags. Instead use shortening to remove them (and their dried glue and gum residue) from glass, metals and most plastics. Simply coat the area with shortening, wait 10 minutes and scrub clean with a gentle scrubbing sponge. 


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