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5 Things To Do with Pipe Cleaners

Silly grown-ups, pipe cleaners aren’t just for kids! But don’t take our word for it: try one of these wacky uses and see for yourself.

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Did You Know?

Pipe cleaners were invented in the late nineteenth century in New York by J. Harry Stedman. Although pipe smoking has declined dramatically since then, pipe-cleaners have flourished in the arts and crafts community.

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Clean Gas Burners

Have you noticed that your stovetop burners are not firing on all their jets? Do you see an interrupted circle of blue when you turn a burner on? Poke a pipe cleaner through the little vents. This cleans the burner and allows it to work more efficiently. This works for pressure cooker safety valves or pressure cookers, too.

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Make Napkin Rings

Colourful pipe cleaners are an easy and fast resource for making serviette rings. Just twist around the serviette and place on the table. If you want to get adventurous, use two- one for the serviette ring, and the other pipe cleaner attached to it, shaped into a heart, flower, or something else.

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Use as an Emergency Shoelace

Your shoelace broke and you’re about to go out on the court to play that grudge match in basketball. A pipe cleaner is a good stopgap tie-up. Just thread it in your shoe and twist it at the top.

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Decorate a Ponytail

Need a fresh look for your hair? Tired of using plain old ribbons? Once you have your hair in a ponytail, twist a pipe cleaner around the hair band. Twist a couple together for an even brighter effect.

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Use as a Travel Toy

If you’re worried about having a bored, wiggly child on your hands during your next long car trip or plane ride, throw a bunch of pipe cleaners into your bag. Whip them out when the “Are we there yet?” questions start coming your way. Colourful pipe cleaners can be bent and shaped into fun figures, animals, flowers, or whatever. They even make fun temporary bracelets and necklaces.

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