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5 Things to do With Pie Pans

If you’re baking a pie and have a few extra pans laying around, repurpose them to help you get organized or decorate around your home. Here are five functional things to do with pie pans.

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Use as Drip Catcher Under Paint Cans

If your wall needs painting, place an aluminum pie pan under the paint can as a ready-made drip catcher. You’ll save a lot of time cleaning up and even better, you can rinse it off and recycle for future paint jobs.

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Create a Centrepiece

Here’s how to make a quick centrepiece for your table:

1. Secure a pillar candle or a few votive candles to an aluminum pie pan by melting some wax with the bottom of the candles onto the pan.
2. Add a thin layer or water or sand.
3. Put in several rose petals or seashells.

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Rein in Splatters When Frying

Don’t risk burning yourself with oil splatters from your hot frying pan. Instead, poke a few holes in the bottom of an aluminum pie pan and place it upside down over the food in your frying pan. Use a pair of tongs or a fork to lift the pie pan, and don’t forget to wear a cooking glove!

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Use as Storage

Since they’re highly resistant to corrosion, aluminum pie pans are well-suited for sorting hardware accessories in your workshop. Cut a pan in half and attach it, with staples or duct tape around the edges, open side up to a pegboard. Instant organization!

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Keep Bugs Out of Pet Dishes

Fill a pie pan with about half an inch of water and place your pet’s food dish inside. It should keep those marauding ants at bay.