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5 Things To Do with Candles

Most candles today are made of paraffin wax and can be used around the house for quick fixes such as unsticking a drawer. Click through our photo gallery to see how you can put your candles to unusual uses.

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Did You Know?

When beeswax candles were invented in the Middle Ages, few could afford them.

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Unstick a Drawer

If you have a desk drawer or a chest drawer that always sticks, remove it and rub a white candle on the runners. The drawer will open more smoothly when you slip it back in place.




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Make a Pincushion

A wide candle makes an ideal pincushion. The wax will help pins and needles glide more easily through fabric, too. Just make sure the wax is soft enough for the pins to go in easily.






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Weatherproof Your Labels

After you address a package with a felt-tip pen, weatherproof the label by rubbing a white candle over the writing. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will smear the label.


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Mend Shoelace Ends

When the plastic or metal tips come off the ends of shoelaces, don’t wait for the laces to fray. Do something to prevent the annoyance that comes from having to force a scraggly shoelace end through a tiny eyelet. Just dip the end into melted candle wax and the lace will hold until you can buy a new one.





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Make a Squeaky Door Quiet

If a squeaky door is driving you crazy, take it off its hinges and rub a candle over the hinge surfaces that touch each other. The offending door will squeak no more.





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