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5 Things To Do with Socks

When a pair of socks has split up for good, you can put the single sock to use around the house. Here’s how.

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Use Old Socks to Protect Stored Breakables

If you want to protect a precious vase or your bobble head collection, wrap it up! Slip the item into a sock to help protect from breaking or chipping.

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Use Old Socks to Cover Kids’ Shoes When Packing

When kids insist on bringing along their favourite old sneakers on holiday, cover each one with an adult-sized sock before throwing them in the luggage to protect the rest of the clothing from dirty smells.

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Use Old Socks to Make a Wash Bag for Lingerie

Protect your precious delicates in the washing machine by first slipping them into a sock and tying the end.

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Use Old Socks to Polish Your Car

A large, old, soft sock makes a perfect hand mitt for buffing or waxing your car.

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Use Old Socks to Wash Small Stuffed Animals

Does your child’s favourite stuffed fuzzy need a bath? Slip small stuffed animals into a sock and tie the end to prevent buttons, eyes, and other decorative items from coming loose.

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