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5 Things To Do With Gum

It turns out blowing bubbles is only one of the things you can do with gum! Here are five ways to put gum to good use all around the house-and even outdoors.

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Did You Know?

Humans have been chewing gum for a long time. Ancient Mayans chewed chicle, the sap from the sapodilla tree.

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Use Gum to Retrieve Valuables

Oops-you just lost an earring or other tiny (but valuable) trinket down the drain! Try retrieving it with a freshly chewed piece of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of a fishing weight. Dangle it from a string tied to the weight let it take hold, then reel the earring back up the drain.

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Use Gum to Treat Heartburn and Flatulence

Settle a gassy stomach and relieve heartburn after chewing a stick of spearmint gum. The oils in the spearmint act as an antiflatulent. Chewing stimulates the production of saliva, which neutralizes stomach acid and corrects the flow of digestive juices. Spearmint also acts as a digestive aid.

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Use Gum to Repair Glasses

Got a loose lens in your eyeglasses? Put a small piece of chewed gum in the corner of the lens to hold it in place until you can get the glasses properly repaired.

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Use Gum to Lure a Crab

You’ll be eating plenty of crab cakes if you try this trick. Briefly chew a piece of gum so that it’s soft but hasn’t lost its flavour, then attach it to a crab line. Lower the line and wait for the crabs to go for the gum.

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Use Gum to Fill Cracks

Fill a crack in a terracotta flowerpot with a piece of well chewed chewing gum.

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