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5 Things To Do with Fabric Softener Sheets

Fabric softener sheets make our clothes smell fresh and feel soft, but they also have some other interesting household uses. Here are five ways to put fabric softener sheets to extra use.

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Fabric softener sheets have several practical uses around the house.

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1. Pick Up Pet Hair

Got a pet that sheds on all of your furniture? With a couple swipes of a fabric softener sheet, you can easily grab the pet fur right off of the sofa.

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2. Eliminate Car Odours

Place a fabric softener sheet under each car seat to counteract musty odours and other unpleasant smells.


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3. Lift Burned-On Casserole Residue

The next time food gets burned onto your casserole dish, save the elbow grease. Instead fill the dish with hot water and toss in three or four used softener sheets. Soak overnight, remove the sheets and you’ll have no trouble washing away the residue. Rinse well.

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4. Keep Dust Off Blinds

Cleaning venetian blinds is a tedious job, so make the results last by wiping them down with a used fabric softener sheet to repel dust.

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5. Buff Chrome to a Brilliant Shine

After chrome is cleaned, it can still look streaky and dull, but whether it’s your toaster or the hub caps on your car, you can easily buff up the shine with a used fabric softener sheet.

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