6 Things To Do with Clipboards

There’s not all that much paper floating around our homes and offices in this digital age, but that’s no reason to toss out your old clipboards! Here are six clever ways to use clipboards all around the house.

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6 clever new uses for clipboards
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1. Use a Clipboard as a Makeshift Pants Hanger

Can’t find a hanger for a pair of pants? Use a clipboard instead. Just suspend the clipboard from a hook inside the closet or on the bedroom door. Hang the trousers overnight by clipping the cuffs to the board.

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Use a clipboard to hang recipes at eye level
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2. Use Clipboards to Keep Recipes at Eye Level

When you’re following a recipe clipped from a magazine or newspaper, it’s hard to read and keep clean when the clipping is lying on the counter. Solve the problem by attaching a clipboard to a wall cabinet at eye level. Just snap the recipe of the day onto the clipboard and you are ready to create your kitchen magic.

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Use a clipboard to hang placemats
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3. Use Clipboards to Hold Placemats

Hang a clipboard inside a kitchen cabinet or pantry door and use the clamp as a convenient, space-saving way to store your placemats.

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Use clipboards to organize road maps
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4. Use a Clipboard to Aid Road-Trip Navigation

Before starting out on a long motor trip, fold the map to the area you will be travelling in. Attach it to a clipboard and keep it nearby to check your progress at rest stops.

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Use a clipboard to organize sandpaper
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5. Use Clipboards to Organize Your Sandpaper

Most of the time, sandpaper is still good after the first or second time you use it. The trick is to find that used sandpaper again. Hang a clipboard on a hook on your workshop pegboard. Just clip still-usable sandpaper to the board when you are done and the sandpaper will be handy the next time you need it.

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Use clipboards to keep sheet music in place
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6. Use Clipboards to Keep Sheet Music in Place

Flimsy pages of sheet music are susceptible to drafts and sometimes seem to spend more time on the floor than on the music stand. To eliminate this problem, attach the music sheets to a clipboard before placing it in the stand. The pages will remain upright and in place.

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