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5 Things For A Clutter-Free Home

With getting back to school, back to work, or just preparing for visitors, you’re probably looking for any quick tip to make your home more organized and functional. Here are 5 things that will help keep the house clutter-free!

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1. Sort Files in the Home Office

Use a filing cabinet as a round conference table base that can seat two or three. The space between the tabletop and the floor won’t go to waste if you use a metal filing cabinet or an old bedside chest as a support. Use ¾-inch plywood for the top and bolt it to the top of the cabinet. Then cover with a tablecloth that almost reaches the floor. Store rarely-used files in the cabinets below, and you’ll be crawling under the table only once in a blue moon.

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2. Mount a Magnet in the Bathroom

A magnetic knife holder mounted on the bathroom wall makes an ideal holder for small metal necessities like nail clippers, tweezers, and toenail scissors. No more searching for small stuff in a messy drawer or cabinet!

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3. Hide The Mountain of Magazines in The Living Room

To reduce clutter without giving up the articles, invest in a craft knife to slice out the pages you want and then save them in a “To Read” file. A craft knife will not only give you a cleaner cut but also will do the job three times faster than scissors.


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4. Catch Dirty Shoes in the Entry-Way

Devote a plastic laundry basket not to your wash, but to wet shoes. Place it just inside the mudroom door as a catchall for sneakers, galoshes, and anything muddy. (A large, shallow basket is more eye pleasing, but plastic is the utilitarian choice because it’s so much easier to clean.) To speed the drying of wet shoes, use two items that normally belong in the kitchen: a cookie sheet and a cooler rack. Place the cookie sheet near the mudroom door, set the rack on top, and you have a wet shoe catcher that allows for better air circulation.

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5. Double-Duty Furniture in Every Room

Your great-great-grandfather’s footlocker in the attic can do more than just gather dust. Topped with a runner, it makes a coffee table that’s a conversation piece as well as a storage unit. Pack it with extra blankets or sheets or use it for board games, playing cards, and any sports equipment small enough to fit in.