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5 Things To Do with Plastic Tablecloths

Does your new tablecloth have you covered? We’ve uncovered how your old plastic tablecloth can keep your clothes clean and save you a backache in the garden.

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Hate post-baking clean up?

Cover your counter top with a plastic tablecloth before you mix and knead.

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1. Line Cupboard Shelves

Don’t discard your old vinyl tablecloths. Turn them into easy-to-clean shelf liners instead. Simply cut to shelf size and set in place, using some rubber cement to hold them if you prefer. When it’s time for cleaning, just wipe with a damp sponge.







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2. Make a Protective Apron

For those extra messy jobs around the house, wear a homemade apron made from an old tablecloth. Make a cobbler’s style apron, with a bib as well as a skirt. Use pinking shears to cut the vinyl to size, poke two holes at the top of the bib for cords or ribbons to tie around your neck and make two more holes in the sides for tying it around your waist.





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3. Make a High Chair Drop Cloth

Bombs away! It’s par for the course for a baby to get more food on the floor than in his or her mouth. Catch the debris and protect your floor by spreading a plastic tablecloth under the high chair.






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4. Make a Shower Curtain

A colourful plastic tablecloth can make a great-looking shower curtain to match your bathroom decor. Punch holes about 15 centimetres apart and 2 centimetres from one edge of a hemmed tablecloth. Insert shower curtain rings or loop strings through the holes and loosely tie to the curtain rod.  






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5. Collect Leaves

Do you get a back ache after raking leaves? Save yourself the trouble of bending and picking up leaves to drop them in a wheelbarrow, just to transport them to the compost or leaf pile. Just rake the leaves onto an old plastic tablecloth, gather up the four corners and drag the tablecloth to the final destination.



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