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5 More Things To Do with Rubber Bands

Chances are you’ve got a dozen of them stuffed in a drawer or hanging off the tap in your kitchen sink, so why not put those rubber bands to good use? Here are five fun new ways to use rubber bands.

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Patented in England in 1845, the rubber band has become an indispensable item in most homes, offices and factories. But what to do with all the leftovers? Here are five cool new ways to get the most out of your extra rubber bands:

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1. Use as a Bookmark

Paper bookmarks work fine until they slip out of the book. Instead, wrap a rubber band from top to bottom around the part of the book you’ve already read. You won’t lose your place, even if you drop the book.

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2. Secure Your Bed Slats

Do the slats under your mattress sometimes slip out? Wrap rubber bands around their ends to make them stay in place.

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3. Thumb Through Papers with Ease

Stop licking your finger. Just wrap a rubber band around your index finger a few times the next time you need to shuffle papers. Not too tight, though! You don’t want to cut off circulation to your fingertip.

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4. Anchor Your Cutting Board

Do you find yourself chasing your cutting board around the counter when you’re chopping up veggies? Give the board some traction by putting a rubber band around each end.

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5. Get a Grip on Drinking Glasses

Does arthritis make it tough for you to grasp a drinking glass securely, especially when it is wet with condensation? Wrap a couple of rubber bands around the glass to make it easier to grip. Works great for kids, too, whose small hands sometimes have a hard time holding a glass.

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